A question about recording quality

I am a new Tablo user. I have the recording quality set on 1080. The Tablo plays back flawlessly. Only thing is I note jagginess in the picture quality. It is especially noticeable when watching the news when text is on the screen. I was comparing PQ between Plex, HDHomerun and Tablo all with the same settings. Tablo is the only one with this issue.

I thought with 1080 setting I would not get this. What gives?

Are your actually transcoding the video to h.264 video with the HDHomeRun or Plex? Those two record the video in the native MPEG2 video.

Yes, HDHR and Plex were both transcoding to H.264 and set to best quality. I have Tablo set to the best quality as well. If it matters, I am using a Roku.