A new idea for an older suggestion or request

Access the Tablo interface to set it up to record a show. The show follows a live event, say some football game, etc.
When you click the show to record it, Tablo recognizes that it’s following a live event and you get an information or warning screen - imagine a simple screen with this warning/text and the choices as shown:

Alert!   This show follows a live event which may run long. 

Would you like to extend the recording time of the show you have chosen to record?

Yes/No     15 minutes     30 minutes       45 minutes      60 minutes      


And you choose either yes or no, and if yes, you choose 1 of 4 possible time extensions and Tablo adds that to the recording time of the chosen show. It could also warn you that it may interfere with subsequent later recording events in event of a conflict. Then the user would need to make a choice.

It’s just a suggestion, not a demand.  I thought this would be more simple IF IF IF it’s possible. I know it’s been discussed to death how to handle shows that follow live events. Tablo knows LIVE broadcasts and compensates so the code to detect such a broadcast exists already - they extend already live events.

Can they detect shows that FOLLOW live broadcasts? 
Only Tablo engineers can make that decision - we only buy the devices and use them, 
otherwise we “know nothink!”

@shadowspapa - Not sure if that is possible with the current system but it’s an interesting suggestion and one I’ll ask the dev team to look at.

Thanks for the suggestion!

@ShadowsPapa and @Tablo support similar request to mine but I asked for user defined values…

See http://jettsoft.com/TabloRequests.htm for the full list

I should add, Tivo has had this for many years. So not something out of this world to request.

In fact, I don’t think there is anything on my list that is out of this world crazy ask.

I had thought also of your user defined values idea - but thought ok, that’s perhaps more work? If it was pre-defined they’d have variables limited.

I’d love to choose say 22 minutes when I go to CBS on a Sunday evening and see at 7pm CST that 60 Minutes has 21 minutes left in the show (and due to their issues with false advertising years ago they MUST run exactly 60 minutes come rain or shine) so I use that as an indicator on Sundays - where is 60 minutes at in their show and adjust my DVD recording accordingly. So yeah, it would be nice, I was just trying to be creative hopefully coming up with a way that was less work and less likely to get a “too difficult” response back. 
It could serve multiple purposes - Tablo could alert users “hey, buddy, I know you didn’t watch the game as you think Greenbay stinks but did you realize that now all of your other shows may be offset by their over-time?” Well, they may wish to make the text or verbiage a bit more “PC” than that… but the point is that if they see a live broadcast and they already KNOW to add or pad at the end, what else is needed to pop up a blue screen of warning (as opposed to a blue screen of death?) and let you know you may want to rethink what you are about to do since the game likely ran long. 
At work it’s one thing to complain about an issue, but the boss loves it when you also go in with a solution.