A mix of problems unique to Tablo channel on Plex

My Plex system is perfect, including Chromecast, except with the Tablo channel.  The failures are a mix, but always a fail.  Failures seem to randomly pick between:

1.  Video but no sound
2.  "Cannot play this video"
3.  Three seconds of play, then bails out.
4.  No response at all

I have the latest Plex server on a fresh ubunto OS.  Live and recorded OTA TV is why I wanted the Tablo.  If all I can play is downloaded stuff, I don’t need it.  

Just made a discovery, probably well known by others.  The new Android app has great function, but no Chromecast, which I and others bitched about.  But from a Google search I discovered that there is a “cast the screen” function in the Chromecast app, and sure enough, perfectly casting live and recorded Tablo with my phone to a Chromecast unit, with the skip functions, etc. Would be good to have it all under one environment, but for now Chromecast for live tv and OTA recordings, Plex for downloaded stuff.

@oldmike Well done! We’ll share this with other folks anxious to use Chromecast on this app. We intend to add it officially as soon as we can.

However, the Tablo channel on Plex is still nonfunctional.  I doubt I am alone.  I keep an old cell phone on the nightstand for watching the 10:00 news at bedtime, but the Android on that phone is too old to Chromecast a phone screen.

Very consistent now:  Live TV will only play for about three seconds, then jumps back to the “Play” button.  Same for recordings.  The menu is solid, just playing that is totally broken.

I should also mention that the Tablo channel in Plex, when controlled by an old (first year model) iPad does fine, so it seems to be a Tablo / Plex / Android problem.

I have problems using the tablo plex channel on a Surface Pro 3.  The channel starts up fine but whenever I try to play something or watch live tv, it will work for about 15 seconds or so and then just crash back to the Windows start screen with no warning.  Anyone else using it on Surface Pro 3?

My similar experience is on a Nexus 5 with Android 5 / Lollipop.

Guys, we may have a solution, hold on and I’ll update you as soon as I can

I just posted on another thread that my issue with recordings via Plex is cured, but Live TV still bails out in two seconds.