A lot of weird quirks

Okay, what happened here just recently is that my hard drive [Seagate Expansion 5TB (STBV5000100)] died suddenly. So after some searching on the forum [‘tested’ hard drives] I bought and installed a Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB (STDR1000100).

None of my recordings on my new drive are the full length that they should be, none of them have the images you would normally see during fast forward or rewind, many are split into 2 or recorded twice and other strange things. I do have the latest firmware I believe and I’d really like to know what in the world is going on here!

Has anyone here had anything strange like I’m describing happen after installing a new hard drive?


I had a Seagate Exp 5tb drive quit on me also.

I also replaced it with a smaller storage drive.

Didn’t have a problem.

Since you’re replacing the drive, you have nothing to lose by doing a factory reset on the tablo.

What do you think ?


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How to factory reset the OG Tablo (this is not the process for the DUAL or DUAL Lite which is a different process).

I did the factory reset and the problem remains. Would’ve responded sooner but got a lot going on. Thanks for your suggestion.

How do I request a support ticket?


Heard from Tablo Support and they suggested that the connection to the HD keeps getting dropped.

I replaced the cord to the HD - I’ll get back to you about how it goes…

Looks like the problem is solved! TY all for your input and thanks to Tablo Support for getting to the root of it!


Fantastic. Great to learn it was something simple.

What was the problem?

It was the HD cable.

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