A lot of "Unknown Error" messages with Tablo Quad

I bought a refurbished Tablo Quad and from day 1, it had a lot of “unknown error” messages when doing a lot of things. I emailed support and never got a response, so posting here.

Happens on AndroidTV and AppleTV devices and could happen in any section or trying to do anything. Sometimes it takes 10-20 tries clicking “try again” to get it back.

Then the channels are sometimes doubled and it can take 2-3-4x doing it for it to save it, sometimes I have to choose “discard” as the “save” is greyed out and not working. I still can’t fix this as many are doubled, but not in the actual channel scan so Tablo is doubling them on its own for some reason.

Also it seems slow as heck as even with Gigabit, it can take 30 seconds to even see the guide and it will be blank for minutes.

I am starting to regret this and might go back to my TiVo, except that doesn’t stream well.

So your Tablo is connected to your network via Ethernet? And how are your playback devices connected, wireless or wired?

On our main TV we have a Chromecast with Google TV that is wired and don’t encounter any of the issues you are describing so if it’s been a while I would start a new ticket with @TabloSupport and have them take a look and make sure it’s not something with your Tablo unit.

One thing to remember with the ticketing system they use is if you send an e-mail without waiting for a reply first, it actually resets your ticket to the back of the queue…

“Once you have your ticket #, please do not send follow-up messages before you are contacted by the team, as this may increase your wait time.”

That may at least partially explain why you seemingly never got a response when you contacted them before.

OK I will. It happens wireless or ethernet and the guide doubling all the channels just started yesterday.

Sorry you’re having problems. It’s a long shot, but temporarily try another hard drive or no hard drive, see if the symptoms persist. When running with no hard drive you can’t record or play back any recorded programs, but Live TV will still work.

Also, try it through your PC. If you have Windows, try both the Windows Tablo app and a browser,if a Mac use Safari (I don’t think they have a Tablo app for the Mac).
Also, if you have another streaming device, like a Roku or Fire Stick, does it happen with that?
Just trying to narrow things down.

My issues are mostly fixed now. I don’t know what happened really, just one day they stopped. :grinning: