A little polish on the interface

This is very minor but when I was setting up my Tablo, there are a few places where I get a pop-up box instead of just inputting information into the web-app (e.g. When typing ‘FORMAT’ and entering my zip code). It’s not a huge deal but it does toss mud on an otherwise clean interface. 

@Frostcall - Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be working on all of our apps including the web-based app over the coming months to add features and to make small adjustments like this. Stay tuned. 

@Frostcall I went that direction because that prompt box actually looks good on mobile browsers (and works predictably well). It’s a shame they look awful on most desktop browsers.

I’ll likely do some browser-sniffing and show a nicer prompt box where they look ugly, and the built-in one for mobile etc

@matb33 I see.  You are correct, it works great on a mobile device and the normal ‘nice’ prompt would be very difficult to actually use on a phone. Probably a good call, and a different version for mobile / desktop would be a nice addition when time permits.