A litany of woes with tablo operations, anyone else?

Within the last month/last update to tablo:
Tablo set to load recordings when I power up, but it won’t load a recording after turning on tv unless I first go to OUT to live TV, wait for menu to populate, then go back into recordings, will USUALLY then get past the “loading…” screen that otherwise displays FOREVER.
FIFA recordings show “20 secs” for duration, then I load it and it’s actually 1hr 29 min, which is unfortunately LESS than the match was (YES, the box is checked in settings to extend duration of live events).
Getting multiple entries that look identical but when I load they are each the same match, but for different lengths, of the SAME match and over the same timeframe. IOW, not sequential recordings.
I delete an episode, the box delete displays a progress icon, but then does not go away. Exiting up out of episode listings and choosing to delete ALL unprotected recordings, say 5 , it does the same trick of pretending to delete, but then no longer returns me to the listing of all recordings on tablo, so it does not update until I exit out of recordings completely, then return in and it seems to then have gotten rid of the thumbnail pic of that show, but not always. Sometimes the thumbnail is there, has NO number overlaying it to indicate recorded episodes.
I thought I could just outwait the crappage and another update would come along and alleviate some of these issues. maybe I’m the only one with these issues?

The multiple segments sounds like reception/signal issues. I would open a support ticket and they can confirm via the logs. Some of the other stuff sounds like issues that WERE resolved with another firmware release. What firmware version are you running?