A few problems/tweaks desired

I’m presented with an “Update Tablo” again, and the screen warns, “Updating Tablo may cancel recordings that are in progress or about to start.”
WHY doesn’t it either have a flag I can choose in “settings” to update at 4am IF no recordings are ongoing, or else display on this screen what is being recorded or about to start so I know whether this is a good time to do the update?
For more than a month now, Tablo will load a desired recording, and then the screen freezes, and the timer on the left side rapidly “fast-forwards” in time though nothing is changing on the screen. Hitting the pause stops, but when I hit play again it resumes spooling up. Using the return usually works to get out, but going back in results in the same lack of playing w/fastforward of the progress bar. The workaround is usually to repeatedly hit the backup/reverse repeatedly, and eventually I get to a place where Tablo will finally initiate playback properly. Usually. Sometimes, HOME is the only solution. (bail out completely and then come back in)
Is this happening to anyone else?
And for many months, the indicator (blue ball) does not always accurately indicate whether I’ve watched part or all of a show. I also can watch 3 or 10 minutes of a recording, exit, and when I return, it does not offer to resume at the point in time of exit. Or, it does. I can’t identify what the trigger/condition is.
Does this happen to anyone else?
I am really frustrated when I record something, and discover during playback that programming ran long and instead of an hour’s worth, I have only 30 minutes’ worth.

Look. I have a 5 TB drive. I can afford easily to set EVERY program I want to record an hour extra (which I could choose to do with other DVRs) so that I don’t get shafted because of a news breaking, a sports game running long and rippling delays into ALL subsequent shows on that channel!!, or well, whatever.
This is simply beyond comprehension that Tablo cannot enable a “+variable” for each recording as it is setup, so that I can choose 30min/60min/2hrs to extend a recording.
Does anybody else miss this feature common to other DVRs for oh, a DECADE or more?
Why does the grid display of coming programs only show about 23 hours, when the data is clearly stored in Tablo for much longer, if you only know the name to search for under “sports”, “TV Shows”, “Movies”, etc…?

Hey mate, I’ve not seen that quirkiness. I use the Roku mostly, and a bit on the ipad and the chrome. I’m have the 2.2.10 release on my Tablo 4.

I would like an automatic update setting too.

I agree it would be nice to be able to shorten/extend a program, and I’m hoping that’ll be a forthcoming feature. The 24 hour live TV grid was an issue for me when I transitioned from my DirecTV DVR initially, but I quickly got used to scheduling shows the Tablo way. In fact, there are some advantages to the way Tablo keeps track of scheduled shows, and let me give an example. When “Supergirl” changed networks from CBS to The CW, the transition on Tablo was seamless… on my DIrecTV DVR, I would have had to schedule the show on the CW, and deleted it from CBS in the program manager.

I suspect that the reason Tablo doesn’t display more than 24 hours in the live TV grid might be 2 fold… 1) It might really slow down the grid display if they showed all 2 weeks, and 2) it might mean that they’d have to have 2 types of grid display for subscribers (2 weeks) and non subscribers (24 hours) rather than a consistent display that applies to both.

Also have the 2.2.11 rel, and I have the Amazon Fire TV, which works a treat. I’ve only seen this oddness in Tablo, not in any of the half-dozen other apps I use routinely (NetFlix, HBO, hulu, sling, youtube, TED, NASA TV). I was moved to write because I was having that occur right then. :frowning:
The mystery blue balls is not a huge issue - exiting and having it decide to not notice where I was/offer to resume there, yeah, PITA. :slight_smile:
I still like it. Just keep hoping for more of a feature-set closer to what I had in 2006 or 2007 with TiVo. or even the DirecTV’s in the intervening years.

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One work around if you need to extend is to record the following program from the guide. Then there’s manual set up also…

Jerryg1, you are right, and yes, if I remember or suspect, I do record the TWO following-on programs, but that’s pretty dumb - I end up with recordings for programs I would not EVER plan to record or watch, and then it’s irritating to try and figure out a week later which program captured the “ignored-by-Tablo” lagging time. Lots of cluttered programs that are not intuitive. And if it is a program like the news at 10, you end up with 7 or more episodes to try and find the ONE with the ending you want to watch.