A fast live tv option

I wanted to officially request a separate fast live tv option/tab/setting. I really like the look and feel and functionality of the current live TV Guide and where it is heading as the updates come out. But at the same time reading through the community wants and what alot of users would also like is something faster. I know it will never be as fast as flipping the channel but the roku’s old style of only loading the wording of only what is on now seems to have a great speed increase compared to the full guide in the new roku preview app. I think it would be nice to have a separate fast live tv option along side the guide live tv. The fast live tv would be a 1 click on whichever channel you may want to watch and only shows what is on now just like the roku app. No recording option. nothing complicated simple and fast leave all the heavy features in the Guide live tv.

All you have to do on the web interfaces is to click on the channel itself on the live tv screen, and whatever is on that channel will start playing.

Does this work on the roku preview channel or the fire tv app? I finally figured that out when using chrome or my phone but i still have to wait a min or so for all the guide data to load. This feature is not for everyone i understand that some with really fast devices who can plug and not use wifi everything loads much faster. I have a slower phone, and a roku 2, and a fire tv stick. None of these devices are the fastest with loading the guide data but the roku loads supper fast using the regular tablo app which does not have all that data to load. Thanks for that info @snowcat

With the fire tv you can highlight the channel you want and then press play.

By the same token, I would like a “Favorites” channels so I can flick between the 2 or 3 channels I favor at the moment. My wife likes to go from one channel to another between two channels, watching two shows at the same time, flicking between them during commercials. Some programs are so predictable that she can forecast what someone is going to do or say on one show and goes to the other show to see what’s happening there. Like flipping between two football games…

Now the DirecTV recorders had double buffering (in my time with DTV). One could be watching show 1, flip to show 2, then flip back to show 1 and rewind backwards several minutes to “catch up.” Loved that for simultaneously viewing two football games.

The Tablo sort of has that functionality as well. If you have 2 or more channels tuned, you can switch among them and rewind to any point from the initial tuning. There just isn’t a very easy way to flip besides for going back to the live tv guide and selecting the other channels.

Then a simpler function, such as “go to previous channel” would be nice.

DirecTV also had a function which allowed a viewer to customize the guide such that one could choose what channels would appear regardless of what channels one received overall (like with TitanTV). One could go quickly between a set of channels from a minimal guide. We used to set up three guides - a daddy guide, a mommy guide and a doggy guide. Three barks meant go to the third channel…

HAHA that is great

Last channel and favorite channels are both things that have been previously requested and definitely something we would like to do in the future.

Thanks for that info I didnt think about hitting the play button i just always press the select button i forgot they could do different things