A couple of specials on JonBenet Ramsey upcoming

For those who have followed the JonBenet Ramsey case over the years, there are a couple of upcoming specials on the case. First, Dr. Phil has a 3 part episode starting today, continuing tomorrow and concluding next Monday on CBS (check your local listings).

Then this coming Sunday, also on CBS in prime time, there is another documentary on the case… looks to conclude the following night.

I just saw a clip of Dr. Phil interviewing JonBenet’s brother, and have to say something I saw in the clip was very strange, and it aroused my curiosity.

Anyway, just a heads-up if you’re interested.

Bro had an evil grin throughout the interview.

That’s what caught my attention… Dr Phil taking about the the murder of his sister, and the brother answering his questions with a big smile and a glint in his eyes. Can’t imagine the family attorney was pleased that he agreed to be interviewed on TV.

Ew. Creepy!