A consolidated view of TV activity

How hard would it be (and this is not rhetorical) for the Tablo developers to consolidate operations on a TV show?

For instance, if I’m recording “Late Night Live with Seth Meyers” - Why should I have to go to the Recordings tab to manage whether I want to record all shows or only new shows? And then navigate to an entirely different tab to actually delete, protect or watch recorded shows? And the show is also showing up on the Guide (cnfusingly, the Guide page is very different for Desktop browsers than for Roku).

Wouldn’t it be possible (and perhaps more user-friendly if all or any components of a show can be accessed through the same tile that represents the show?

What is the name of the new section: “Everything”.

And it would include all the upcoming shows/episodes currently in the 14 day guide and any recordings that match that show name… Plus all the recorded episodes for shows that aren’t in the 14 day guide.

That seems like it’s going to be a very large section and the problem with the Roku guide is that when it comes to TV shows it’s already monolithic in size.

That’s a good idea, mate. When I see a show I might be interested in I record new episodes before I watch any. If I don’t like it, it’s annoying to do delete all, then go to the scheduled and unschedule it and then go back to recordings. This would save a lot of steps.

My point exactly. Thanks!

I guess if you like to record all or record new all the shows you “might” be interested in, this might be something you would want.

But once I realized that earth had a 24 hours in a day, that daily the number of possible hours of recordable episodes exceeded the number of waking hours of a day, and that I should probably leave my house and do something productive, I stopped recording shows I couldn’t possible watch.

You do make a good point, mate. Time is a harsh mistress. I give a new show ten minutes at most before I decide if I’m just going to bin it.

Whether this applies here or not I don’t know… But one must remember that The dvr state of the art is in large part locked up in patents owned by tivo and others (Directv and hopper), not to mention content based restrictions (there’s a reason tivo commercial skip won’t work on all content) that tablo has to work around. Unfortunately, being a newcomer in today’s dvr market takes as much legal as it does technical and marketing savvy