A connection to your Tablo could not be established

It happened twice today. I had to reset the Tablo this morning, unplug the Ethernet cable, setup using Wireless as it is new and bring it back to life. Less than 12 hours later, it happens again. I receive this message when trying to connect to the Tablo “A connection to your Tablo could not be established. Please check your internet connection.”. My internet is good since I still can get online to post this message and watch Youtube. I use different devices to access (desktop computer, Android phones and Iphones), none is working. It is ridiculous since I have just watched a recorded show an hour ago. I normally use Ethernet cable to make sure the connection is 100% good without buffering. Any help is appreciated.

Have you tried swapping out the cable going to your Tablo?

I have not swapped the cable since the cable was new came with the device. The blue light was blinking (usually, it is solid). I was able to ping to the Tablo from my computer but unsuccessful when trying to connect to it; so I think there is nothing wrong with the cable. Anyway, the blue like blinks repeatedly when I press the button in the back and then it works again.
For me, happens twice in one day is showing that it is not very reliable.

I too have seen that senaio although very infrequently. My Tablo will stop working and I will look at it and the light will be blinking. I power cycle it and it all works.

@Mometasone @davistw If this happened recently, send our support team a note and we can check the logs to see what’s up.

We just released 2.2.0, as well - so if you’re not on this build, I recommend using it for a few days to confirm if this still crops up.

I have not seen any indication that there is an update available on my Tablo yet. Anyway, the blue LED was blinking again yesterday and I had to press the reset button. The blue LED, after reset button was pressed, blinked very fast but did not stay solid. I had to press the button again and eventually it stopped with solid Blue. By the way, I am connecting to the router with cable so wireless was not an issue. I shouldn’t have rebooted my router since there was nothing wrong with it last few years. This tablo’s intermittent issue has made me rebooted my router for quite sometimes since it always states “connection could not be established”.

having very similar issue.