A channel guide that shows further in the future than 24 hours

On live TV I’d like to see a channel guide (in all apps) that shows at least a week ahead so I can decide what to record only once for the week.

Thanks for the feedback - you can browse through the TV screens like prime time, etc. to select shows further into the week there right now. 

Yes, but that makes it more difficult to deconflict things night by night. Plus, I’m not a cord cutter. I wanted this to give me more opportunity to DVR shows than my cable box will allow. Having over 24 hours of schedule data will let me see what I’m recording when and on what system. What system I use to record will be greatly determined by what I’m most interested in watching live at the time.

Agreed extended time schedule and then manual recording off of that would be good

@gate - Which app are you using? We have conflict resolution in the iPad and Android apps (web-based coming soon) which will allow you to sort through conflicts as you schedule from both inside and outside of the Live TV grid 

Check it out here - (look for the conflict resolution section) 

I’m primarily using the ipad app for scheduling but it would be handy to not have to leave the channel guide for this. Additionally, I was referring to deconflicting what I’m setting up on my cable box over the next two weeks with what I’m using the Tablo to record.

I typically plan out what I want to record a week in advance by looking at a larger schedule. On the Tablo, if I want to schedule more than a day ahead, I have to go to a screen that lists only shows, not times. If I choose all the shows I want, I further have to go to another screen to deconflict them. If I had a longer channel guide, I could do it all in one screen. I know it’s heresy to mention in a cord cutters forum but the app xfinity developed for ipad is ideal for this.

I too would like to see more than 24 hours in the guide grid. When I got my subscription I thought that I would be getting 2 weeks in the grid. The other screens only show the program name, not when it will be appearing. That’s not enough info for me. If you have a good reason for not showing two weeks (or one week) of data, please let us know the reason.

This is from Dec 2014.

Also, the other screens do show any upcoming episodes in the next two weeks.

If you click on the show tile, you get a list of all upcoming broadcasts.

I don’t see this as a valid reason. You can load only what’s visible on screen at any one time. On my Roku, that’s only 1-1/2 hours (another issue I have in that I would like to see more at once. I can see 3-1/2 hours on my PC browser).

I’m personally really happy that the TV guide only shows 1 day - it pushes you to use the other more useful interfaces to the information. The alphabetical prime-time view and the Movie view are much more user friendly than the tv guide that is just a holdover from pre-dvd days.

Maybe I’m less worried about conflicts since I have a 4-tuner. I’m happy to let the Tablo figure out and deal with any conflicts - it does fine for me.

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I agree except for one thing - if I want to look ahead to see what will be recording in the next few days/week, I cannot do that at all with the current interface. I can only see what will be recording in the next 24 hours. If they would only add a feature to the Scheduled section that instead of listing every program I have ever scheduled to record (not very useful except for canceling scheduled recordings), it would list only the programs that will be airing in the next two weeks, sorted by date/time they will be airing, then I would never need the guide past what is currently airing.

You can use www.titantv.com to see what’s on for future, then search for show on Tablo.

I would like the Tablo EPG function like m.titantv.com where you can pick the day you want to see but then it should be it’s own choice instead of live TV, since it won’t be live TV any more.

Looking at prime time only does improve the experience somewhat since there is not so much to look through, but I only see that option in the phone app and on my computer. Not there on my FTV or Roku. Would be nice if you would add it. Also nice if you could add a sort by date function along with sort by channel, etc,

I totally agree. If there were ways to sort the TV Shows and Movies on Roku (as a minimum by Genre, like you used to be able to and still can with Chrome on PC), the guide would become so much more usable and people would maybe less apt to be stuck on using the Live Guide.

How is this not a feature yet? I can see the argument for not loading it all at once but there can be a menu option to select which day and then show all items for the day. This is yet another extremely basic DVR function that has existed on every other DVR for decades that Tablo doesn’t support, despite requests for years.