7 year old tablo

so I have a older tablo quad, the old style with no HD or vents. It has worked well but today it quit, I managed to get it going again, but wondering if it might be time for a newer one. I see there are now two models a HDMI one and a usb one. Currently mine is plugged in to my network and hdmi, so I take it I need a HDMI model? Also if I already run a external HDD do I need to also have a internal sata with the new unit? Are there any performace benifits with the newer units? Also since I play it through a appletv with the tablo app do I really even need a hdmi cable? Guessing not??? So then I could run either unit?

So your Tablo does or does NOT have an HDMI connection, as show below? I ask because the OG Tablo quad tuner model is a networked Tablo, not an HDMI Tablo.


It might just be time for a new power brick. Mine only lasted about 5 yrs and it is still running with a new brick. I did buy the new 4 tuner about a year ago and it is much better than the old one. But still using both.

Hi @Cavi,

We only started offering a TV-Connected model with an HDMI port in the last few years, so if you have a 7 year old model, that one would not have an HDMI port, and instead be one of our networked models. In fact, since you use it through Apple TV, that platform currently only supports the non-HDMI models, so if you were to replace your Tablo, you should choose a DUAL LITE (2 tuners) or QUAD (4 tuners)

Would you be able to briefly describe what you mean by ‘quit’? Did it simply shut off on its own, or was it something else?

In theory, there should be no reason for the unit to have died, though it certainly can happen. Before purchasing a new unit, the tip above from @sodaman_2000 is a good one. You can purchase a new power adapter here: Replacement Tablo Power Supply | OTA DVR Accessories | Tablo. That could very well resolve your issue.

by quit first it was playing fine and I changed chanels and it then did not go, it just said it could not connect to the tablo. So I tried again and same thing. then I unpluged it and restarted and this time it worked but after playing a live show for about a minute it would loose connection, try again and same thing 1 to 2 minutes and it would dissconect from the tuner. This time I upgraded the firmware, this made no difference. Finnally I turned it off again, left it off for 5 min and after that it has been fine again.
So two days latter it is still working. If I get a newer unit, again a network one will there be any improvements over my current unit other than cooling? I run a usb fan on my current unit. With the new unit do I need to run a internal HDD or can I still run the external HDD I have been using?

When I switched from my OG 2-tuner to the newer Quad I didn’t notice any performance differences but it did seem to run a little cooler. I have been using a network Quad for a few years now and have not had any heat issues I don’t use any cooling fan. YMMV!

The networked Quad has a bay for an internal drive, but there is still an option to run a USB connected drive (you have to choose internal or external, you can’t use both).

FYI, there is a process you can follow to move your recordings to a new Tablo.