7/24 Mueller Testimony, 7/30 Democratic Debate

Neither the Bob Mueller testimony tomorrow morning, nor the 2nd Democratic debate on July 30th, are showing up when I search for various keywords in my guide (and yes, I have NBC/ABC/CBS).

I also can’t manually find them because the “Live” guide only shows the next 24 hours.

Am I too dumb to know how to search for something as straightforward as the word “debate”? Why is it impossible for me to find major broadcast events in the guide?

Live TV category displays 24 hours of programming, unless using a Roku, where you can enable 14 days.
Check out the other categories, like Prime Time, especially, for 14 days or programming.
Keep in mind the 14 days of guide info is only available to guide subcribers, and free trial users.

I don’t think either will be OTA. The next debate will be on run by CNN. News might cover some of the Mueller testimony. But I doubt you will see either live on a local broadcast. Maybe Youtube.

“George Stephanopoulos will lead ABC News’ coverage from New York, starting at 8:30 a.m. – a portion of time typically reserved for a relaxed portion of “Good Morning America” that features a live in-studio audience. Coverage on NBC News, meanwhile, will start at 8:15 a.m, and continue through the afternoon, the network said… CBS News intends to interrupt “CBS This Morning” with a special report anchored by Norah O’Donnell at 8:15 a.m.”

All of these start during the morning shows but continue AFTER 9am when those shows are typically scheduled to end, so setting one of them to record is not a solution - because it won’t record the entire broadcast.

As for the debate, you’re right, it IS only on cable.

CNN.com will live stream the debates freely - watchable on a computer through any browser.

Another option CNN is on Pluto TV

When there’s late adjustments/changes to regular broadcast schedules (as is the case here since Mueller was originally scheduled to testify last week), sometimes the local broadcasters don’t bother to update their schedules. Some do, but it can take a couple of days to filter through the the system which we realize can make setting non-manual recordings difficult.

I do have the 24 hour guide enabled on the Roku at my desk. This is what it shows (at least in the Buffalo area):

NBC is still showing its regular schedule of the Today Show and Today 3rd Hour.

CBS is showing ‘To Be Announced’ starting at 8:15 a.m. It’s likely that this will get updated during overnight maintenance to have correct info.

ABC is also still showing its regular schedule of GMA and Live with Kelly & Ryan.

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Thank you for answering! Also, kudos on keeping up with the news, re: delayed testimony - lol.

I checked early this morning and couldn’t get to that time yet (it was past 24 hours) but I’ll look again now.

Edit: Looks like CBS is scheduled from 8:15 to 11:15, so I’ll just assume the other networks will also probably have 3 hours of coverage.

No problem!

I also checked in with our guide data experts for some recommendations on how to handle weird/late schedule updates like this.

They recommend setting a manual recording to 100% ensure that content gets captured.

Because Tablo relies on the series and episode codes when you set series or airing recordings, if these are to change when the data does get updated, it can cause those events to be unscheduled.

For example, if CBS’ ‘To Be Announced’ suddenly becomes ‘Meuller Testimony News Special with Norah O’Donnell’ it will have its own individual airing code which is likely to be different than the code for the placeholder.

You can also check in early tomorrow a.m. to see if any overnight guide changes have been made and unschedule any manual recordings and use the program guide to schedule the ‘updated’ version.

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One last tidbit… Since debates are scheduled pretty far in advance, they WILL show up if you search ‘debate’ in the app. (When they’re actually on an Over-the-Air channel.)

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Dang, that sucks. It makes sense for most cases, like if you scheduled Jeopardy to record tomorrow but it got removed from the lineup afterward, it wouldn’t make sense to still record that time slot and call the recording Jeopardy.

I see how it’s a problem that would be almost impossible to solve algorithmically, but it’s a shame that the only solution is a manual recording.

I did find the first debate in the guide last month, which is why I was confused about not finding the second one. I didn’t realize it was cable-only until @andersonas25 pointed it out.

I just checked, and CBS did indeed change “TBA” sometime overnight to “High Stakes and History” - Robert Mueller’s Testimony with the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. So I had to re-set it to record.

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