4th Generation questions

I started with the quad hdmi the end of march. I think it’s user friendly even for someone like me who knew nothing about how to use a external hard drive.
I asked questions and was helped through what to and how to do it. I appreciate the help.
So 6 months later i add the 4th gen.
I can see some really useful new perks like the added channels with it but so much is just aggravating.
Have to add the shows that you want in order to prioritized to record. Screw up the order that you saved and you have to start all over with your saved. You cant see the order scheduled or conflicts. It freezes quite often. It will record your show one day then not the next. Putting this out on the market and someone is a first time user buying this i fear will turn them away from purchasing again. That’s the way I’d feel just buying the 4gen without having experienced the legacy models.
I’m wondering as 4gen user friendly things get figured out like showing us conflicts, prioritizing ect will my 4gen update as you go along working out kinks?
Also wondering would a legacy quad hdmi hard drive would work if plugged into a legacy quad ota and vice versa?
I appreciate all the help given to us newbies
Thank you

Guy, I feel where you are coming from in your above description. My Tablo 4th Gen DVR/Internet Streaming TV Player works like a charm now. I have not experienced any of the issues you are having with my new antenna installed.

Your above description tells me you may have a bottleneck with your antenna setup connection having a weak OTA ATSC 1.0 signal input. I live around lots of tall buildings {See Photo Below}. I was having the very same issues just like you until I purchased this cheap $20.00 Walmart Antenna, very powerful {NextGen 3.0 Ready}, “Multi-Directional Antenna” {NO AMPLIFIER NEEDED} again see photo below.

Also, I’m going to show you now how I’m able to 4K upscale the Tablo 4th Gen OTA 1.0 {1080i/1080p} video to 4K since I added the new more powerful antenna. *ATSC 3.0 devices work better with the ATSC 1.0 4th Gen for some reason, see the device list below.

  • Notice the Tablo 4th Gen Live TV Guide {Video Photo Below} is being broadcast in HD {See Upper Righ Side Corner}, yet it’s being 4K upscaled via my home network 4K upscaling set up. Again, actually, I’m using my $20.00 Walmart Onn 4K TV box, which is already ATSC 3.0 NextGen Certified {SEE DEVICE LIST BELOW}.

Also, noticed my Shield TV Pro is not even being used. They are more than one way to skin a cat. Praying the NEW coming Tablo ATSC 3.0 NextGen DVR/Streaming TV Player will be added to the device list very soon …!


ADTH NEXTGEN TV BOX {The ADTH ATSC 3.0 NextGen Streaming TV Box} is currently 2023 the only one, that can DECODE DRM ATSC 3.0 CHANNELS to date …!




Windows 11 (Ryzen 7 5800U tested)

Mac (M1 Mac Mini tested)

Android (Onn Android TV 2023 tested)

Fire TV (Fire TV Cube 3rd gen tested)

iOS (iPad Air 5th gen tested)

Optional features supported: DVR, IMSC1_G2_CODE_SPACE, IMSC1_IMAGE_PROFILE, REGION_2_RATING.

Does not include support for DRM-protected channels. This feature will be added via firmware/app updates in the future.

The player device used must support ATSC 3.0 video formats (such as the models tested).

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Notice the bottom photo, It’s my home network 4K upscaling technology device, that I use with my $20.00 Walmart 4K Onn TV box, Roku TV 4K Stick, and my Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick Max, works like a charm with the ATSC 1.0 Tablo 4th Gen/Internet Streaming TV Player …!

I thank you kind Sir!
Reading all this I was (and still am a bit)
Like a deer caught in headlights with your “advanced techy lingo”
I do enjoy learning though.
I have been checking out your onn and cheap antenna suggestion ty
I’ll give them a whirl. If they don’t help I’ll take them back.
I also have a roku stick and a fire stick
It makes sense trying this with that and then that. I wasn’t thinking that way yet.

Will the updates on the 4gen when they figure it out fix issues like being able to fix conflicts prioritize what to record ect.
All those user friendly things that have us spoiled now with other players?

Here’s another ? Does a tablo quad hdmi recordings on a 3.5 hard drive interchangeable with a tablo quad OTA
And vice versa?

I really appreciate your time and help!

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Below are video photos that display what 4K upscaling looks like, via the Tablo 4th Gen. As you can see the video resolution quality is enhanced picture pixel crystal clear …!

After being a Tablo user for 5 years, I purchased the 4th generation device. Overall, I am very impressed. Thought I would share some observations and insights.

  1. I don’t have to pay the subscription fee! That’s good!

  2. The install and setup were frustrating. It’s very buggy and kicked me out a lot. It kept losing network connectivity, but after staying with it for a couple hours it finally loaded. This part not so good!

  3. The latest 4th generation device does not support older streaming devices. It just would not work right on older Fire Sticks and Rokus. Since it was Prime Day I got a new Fire Stick 4K for $22. It works great! That’s good!

  4. With the 4th generation, I picked up 77 channels and they are all crystal clear. I’m 20 miles from the nearest tower. I have an indoor antenna with amplification, but the new Tablo has Antenna Amplification as well. That’s good!

  5. The new guide is great.

  6. Recordings are working as planned, and I don’t need an external hard drive. 50 GB works fine for me.

If you are a cord cutter, this is a no-brainer!


I’m doing better with it. Ty
Just kept trying and wirh your help I’m doing much better!
Picture is impressive!
It wasn’t recording in the right time it should’ve. It was frustrating. No idea why.
I’ve just kept at it like everyone suggested.
Just kept changing things and trying not to throw it

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