4th generation handling of NCAA football is not ideal

The NCAA football options for is confusing, at least to me, in the 4th generation Tablo. In the Sports tab under Football there are three options as show in the first screen capture; two that show NCAA and one for NFL. Clicking on the Notre Dame at NC State shows a list of NCAA games, including that game. The victim can select individual games but there is no series option. Clicking on the second option provides the victim with a smaller set of games which does not include any in the list in the first option. The second option does include the ability to record the entire ‘series.’

It would seem the correct way to present this information is to have one single option at the top of Football for NCAA football, as is done for NFL, and include all NCAA games available to be recorded along with the ‘series’ options.

Clicking on the first image results in:

While the second option results in:

Which client are you using.

Using Firestick using the new app.

Wow. It looks like they made the new fire stick app worse then the legacy fire stick app. that’s hard to do when the legacy was already bad.

It’s always useful to have a ribbon of thumbnails all with a picture of a football and NCAA. Kind of a waste of real estate.

Hey @LakeGator Thanks for flagging this to us.

The team has done some rejigging of how the images for sports guide data are shown.

You should see an improvement if not now then very soon.

They only way to fix fire tv is to go to a vertical scroll list. Today I have 24 NCAA college football games in the 14 day list. On Roku I get 8 to a scrteen. On WEB I get 18.

A horizonal ribbon of 4 is useless.

They same is true in the recorded menu. Making a horizonal ribbon of 4 is not only useless but also by including the thumbnail you expose the ending score in the next game thumbnail. since many games are stacked back to back the end of game 1 often runs into the start of gane 2. Thus when you grab the game 2 thumbnail it often is the end scoreboard of game 1.