4th gen watch a recording show while recording

I recently bought the 4th gen tablo. Just did away with satellite tv so very new to this. I have an issue watching a showing that is recording. I record the noon news and sometimes will start to watch about 10 minutes in but it just freezes up. So i watch the rest live until over, then i can go to library and watch the entire recording. Is this something normal or is there a way around it. Thanks for any help

What device are you using to watch the show?

Have new 4th gen tablo. Etherneted to a linksys mr9000 router. I have a chromecast with google tv hd on my insignia flat screen tv. I get 300 ng download an 15 mg upload . Signal strenght in chromecast shows excellent

It could be an issue with chromecast. I don’t have one, but I assume others on this forum do.

Each app on the 4th gen Tablos have their own quirks and functionality / lack of functionality issues. And hopefully support looks at this thread as well.

It is the tablo recordings and trying to watch the show that is recording. All apps on the chromecast work fine and play fine, but there is no recording on chromecast.

I have only had mine for a few days and am having the same problems using a brand new Roku. Did you ever get the problem solved?