4th gen TV show poster art partially loaded

I’ve got one show (Stephen Colbert) where the icon has only shown up half-loaded for my entire (2-tuner) Tablo experience. However, it is perfect on my other one (4-tuner). The icon is the same on Roku/Android/Fire, so I think there’s something not getting properly downloaded directly onto the Tablo.

Last night, I unchecked the chancel, rescanned and added it back, but the icon is still not right. Other steps previously taken include: rebooting the puck, force quit app, clear cache/date of app.

If it helps, this station was extremely difficult to uncheck. I would uncheck it, hit save & continue (or save & exit) and opening the setting again it was still checked. The only way to uncheck it was to run a channel scan and it finally showed up unchecked.

I thought I remembered a similar topic months ago, but I can’t find it. Anyone have advice on what else I can do to help clear this up? Thank you in advance!