4th gen tablo tv channel scan does not finish

When I do a channel scan, the scan does not finish. Stuck on scanning…

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And does it always get stuck if you use the back button and re-scan?

Which app are you using to scan for channels? How long are you waiting? Even though I only have 27 local channels, they take a while, and then it still has to search for the FAST ones… maybe 2-3 minutes total…

Yes, just started happening today. And now, when i hit scan, i just get a spinning circle.

Just started happening today. I’ve waited for over 10 minutes. Before, it was done in less than 3. Now, I just get a spinning circle when i try to do a scan.

I’m using the tablo tv app. I tried on my android phone and tablet.

I am having the same issue. My last successful scan was January 15. My Gen4 2 tuner has been connected to my network via ethernet since I set it up in early December 2023. I tried a rescan late January and it got maybe 70 channels before it quit before showing a message “0 Channels Found”. Since then, a rescan launches and spins for a few minutes, returning no results and going to the “0 Channels Found” message.

I have the same problem on both the Tablo app on my Sony Bravia and my Samsung S22.

My Tablo Gen4 is on the most recent firmware version 2.2.48; and i suspect the problem was introduced in the last firmware update.

This issue was raised here almost a month ago, but nobody from Tablo seems to be monitoring this community forum to acknowledge the issue or provide a response.