4th Gen Tablo software very buggy,,,

I have a Hisense TV with Google TV built-in and my new Tavlo software is barely usable. It studders, backs out of the channel guide on its own, and doesn’t start fresh every time. I have an Onn Roku TV in another room with a Gen 2 Tablo and it is solid as a rock. I think it’s a lemon. Maybe it would be easier to start over and write a new one since they can’t fix the bugs in the current one.

And what would have changed in the tablo development process that would cause the second attempt at an app to be any better then the first attempt.

They have spent 13 weeks of normal people testing(beta) and the appletv app still isn’t officially released. That has to have sucked a lot of development effort from fixes to other apps.

Yep. I was a faithful Gen 2 user and was waiting on them to get their act together. I have given up and will start looking for a suitable replacement. I’m a geek so I am thinking a HDHomeRun might do the trick. It seems like it might be able to do a better roll your own system into its base.

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Are you looking ahead to ATSC 3.0 devices or focusing on ATSC 1.0?

I also have a Hisense TV, a model from a couple of years ago. Maybe they have gotten better at updating more recent models but I’ve not been impressed with their update cadence. Have you tried a more contemporary, standalone Google TV device? Most TVs are under resourced compared to a separate device.

I use a 4K Chromecast with Google TV (albeit I just have a OG Tablo) and others with 4th gen Tablo units seem to have had decent luck with it.

I would be looking at stability and expand ability. What peaks my interested in HDHomeRun is the capability to expand and tweak it from an experimenter standpoint. I am a Linux kind of guy and love to experiment.

Was just asking because if you were planning for ATSC 3.0, apparently from what others say (I don’t have one) the current HDHR solution is not in a great place right now for ATSC 3.0.

From what I am seeing there is no product that is in a good place for ATSC 3.0 because the ATSC 3.0 group is mostly in (and probably will be for awhile) total chaos…


ATSC 3.0 without DRM works fine. It’s only issue is ac-4 audio support. SD does audio cloud transcode on many devices. And newer STB’s have AC-4. The problem is DRM - especially for gateway devices. The A3SA specification seems to only work for android type devices such as firetv stick and widevine security API’s.

But ATSC 3.0 stations in my area are not DRM’ed - yet.

I don’t necessarily disagree, but Zapperbox appears to be in a much more useable position than any SD ATSC 3.0 product.

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Zapperbox has several things that make it not for me.

  1. maximum 2 tuners. I am a 4 tuner person.
  2. Each TV has to have a zapperbox (No Roku etc app)
  3. Price is significantly more that other products
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All valid points, was just saying as far as functionality they appear to be the most further along. I would prefer a gateway product (i.e. not a device per TV as well) so I’m waiting to see how the landscape looks in about a year.

Because of the absolute lunacy of NextgenTV, I’m thinking I’ll take a look in about 4+ years.

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Honestly, only reason I’m thinking about it in a year is I’m near the digital cliff on distance from the broadcast towers combined with a couple of other factors for the relevant channels for me. Did a slight antenna upgrade to a more directional antenna and that appears to have resolved most of the issues I was seeing but I’m curious whether the supposed better reception is actually true.

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It is “true”. So, for some the promise of DRM encumbered ATSC 3.0 might seem to be a “good thing”. For others, Internet dependencies, data gathering, targeted ads and DRM might make them think twice.

But I do wonder, how does an industry spend billions of dollars and “sit on it” (as they discuss how to make it more and more horrible for the consumer), and yet “survive” for years? This would be a business blunder for anyone else. Makes me wonder.

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I am one of those that is VERY interested in this. So, thinking more, given the pace this has been progressing at until now, your 4+ years may be more accurate for me. :slight_smile:

Yep…and Tablo “might” be a good solution in about a year. (probably not)… I may pick up a HDHomeRun just to play with.

Why not get an HD Home Run and stick with it?

If I disliked Tablo that much… I’d just find something else.

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I was an ardent fan of Tablo until they sold. The old Tablo was rock solid. This new company seems to be overreaching its capability and has way too many irons in the fire IMHO. They should focus on getting what they bought (orginal Tablo software) working then start adding all of the bells and whistles. It has been about 2 years and from reports it is still buggy as heck.

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I don’t disagree, and that’s why I’m in a holding pattern. I have a lifetime guide subscription so I want to see what ATSC 3.0 solution Tablo provides since I could transfer my subscription to that device, but I’ll stick with my OG Tablo until then.

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