4th Gen Tablo Problems from the Get Go

Just as the origin as l Tablo.

With all problems there obviously needs to be some changes somewhere in the process.

I keep waiting for the FAST channels to stop chopping recordings and making multple segments. I also like when you use a roku to schedule a sports recording (NCAA Football) from Fubo it indicates that it accepted the request. But nothing shows up in the schedule and nothing gets recorded. Obviously someone didn’t beta test this.

Which app? And it absolutely was beta tested.

Roku. And in my DMA there are only 2 OTA channels that broadcast at 1080. And in the the settings channel lineup it says they are 1080P. I don’t think so. Especially since each of them have a large number of sub-channels at 480. And the channel line up says they are 480p. The channel lineup says every OTA channel is progressive.

Is beta inhouse or outsourced like support?

It is a bunch of us users. You can ask Tablo Support to be on the beta team.

I will after I receive it and connect it