4th Gen Tablo Playback while recording is in progress

It seems like there is no way to start playback from the beginning of a recording while the OTA event recording is in progress. This is a major bummer for me. The users must be given two options for playback when the live OTA event recording still in progress: (i) to start playback from the beginning of the recording with ability to pause and resume, or (ii) to play the Live feed. Right now, Tablo is doing (ii) only. Of course, once the event recording finishes it does playback from the start of the event. I have tried the iphone app and GoogleTV app. Haven’t been able to try FireTV app since the Tablo app keeps crashing.


It’s hard to believe it’s only option 2. That’s the stupidity of the slingtv DVR.

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I believe this works from the Roku app, and so there is hope the other apps will gain that feature eventually.

I’ve had several conversations with Tablo help and they can’t seem to understand that we can’t start an episode from the beginning while it’s recording. Their last response to me said I should rescan my channels. I have this issue on my iPhone and fire tv app. This issue never happened with the legacy Tablo app. Very frustrating since I used to use this with the Tablo Quad.