4th Gen - Tablo Not Found

I recently upgraded my Tablo to the 4th Generation. Ever since I set it up, it has been very glitchy and I consistently get “Tablo Not Found” when trying to connect. When this happens the Blue light will be solid light blue for ~5 sec then blink dark blue twice quickly. The only way I can get past this is through a lot of reboots and power cycles. Usually, when this occurs it will then go to 8 fast blue pulses, followed by 9 slow pulses, followed by white - repeat - for ~15-20min. Then, it will magically connect. I have to go through this almost daily. HELP!!!

Is your Tablo wireless or wired in?

What streaming device are you using?

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It is wired in. I use Roku and iOS iPad. Both have the same issue.

When you say “lots of reboots and power cycles” … what are you rebooting at these times (modem, router, phone, Roku/Firestick)?

I’ve never seen any of the LED behavior you describe – that really intrigues me. Their support article mentions different blinking patterns, but I don’t see anything directly that shows this type.

In case you haven’t looked at that article yet, you can find a link here.

I start with rebooting the Tablo (push the white reset button). Then, I move to power cycle the Tablo (unplug for 10 sec). Then, I power cycle the router. There have been two times in the past two weeks where after trying all that for an hour, I factory reset (log out of app, hit reset button on Tablo), then re-set up the Tablo. Unfortunately, I am in one of those times now after getting frustrated all day and now its solid light blue for ~5 sec then blink dark blue twice quickly … and … the app is saying Table not found, so I can’t even re-set up!

Yes, I thought the same about the lights. It doesn’t match anything in their article…

I’m at my wits end. About ready to return the darn thing and switch to a different DVR.


How long have you held the reset button? According to the instructions it needs to be held for at least 7 seconds to place in factory default mode. The nuclear option is documented here. You will need to follow it to the letter or it will be a more frustrating experience. https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/18943836541588-How-to-Factory-Reset-your-Tablo-4th-Gen-with-Internal-Storage

Secondly, my experience is that a 10 second wait after removal of power is not long enough. Wait about 60 seconds. I did what you described in the past and saw weird LED behavior.

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Yes, I’ve done the nuclear option and have held the reset button for different time periods. I think I’ve done every possible thing that is documented in the Support articles. I’m looking for any tips that may not be documented in the Tablo Support link.

It may not be you and it’s defective.

I agree with you on that. It might be time for @mhburg to contact Tablo Support and have this sent up the chain until a fix is found or a replacement device is given.

The weird LED behavior sounds like it is in a boot loop where it tries to start, fails, tries again, etc.

Very well could be, and it wouldn’t hurt to try another factory reset. My thoughts would be: if it’s not working, what’s the harm in trying again.