4th Gen Tablo not connecting to Roku TV

We got the new 4th Gen Tablo a few days ago and set it up with an iPhone. After setting it up an iPad is able to find the Tablo and connect to it just fine and watch broadcast tv.

The main tv is a Roku TV running Roku OS 12.0.0. The Tablo app for Roku will find the Tablo during the initial search, but it fails to connect to use the Tablo. I don’t think it matters, but the Tablo app on the Roku TV shows a picture of what is now called a legacy Tablo device when it searches for devices. There are no other Tablo devices on this network except for the new 4th Gen Tablo.

The Tablo was setup on WiFi and the other devices are using WiFi as well. Restarting/rebooting the Tablo and the Roku TV does not resolve the issue. Put the Tablo on a wired network connection and that still did not resolve the Roku TV issue. I have verified the IP addresses of the devices and they are all on the same subnet.

Any ideas on how to resolve the problem with the Roku TV not connecting?


On an actual Roku the legacy app will find the gen 4 but can’t connect.

Are you sure you installed/tried the new gen 4 app. The gen 4 app has a dark blue background with the name tablo in white.



There should be 2 Tablo apps in the channel store. The one with the dark blue is the one you want. The one with white background is for Legacy models and will not work with the new model. I’ve included a photo of my Roku so you can see the two apps side by side.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you zippy and MonkeyMom.

That was the issue. I thank you and our daughter; who is away at college; thanks you. We had the new Tablo sent to her because of the new no subscription fees. We have a legacy Tablo at home and I did not know that there were two different versions of the app available.

Thank you. I’m going to try this tomorrow. I installed the white app and never noticed the blue one. Geez it’s been bugging me.