4th Gen Tablo Failed Recording

I have experienced this 2-3 times so far. Tablo Gen 4 randomly fails to record a scheduled OTA event. It appears in the library as failed recording. There are no issues with OTA signal / antenna. One observation is, this happened when I had scheduled events one after other. It seemed like the first event continue to record even after that event ended, for an additional hour or so into the second event. And in the meantime the second event recording showed up as failed, possibly due to no Tuners available, but showed no specific error message indicating that. The first event recording ends partially into the second event. So I don’t have a full recording of the second event. This could be some issues with the event timings on the guide/schedule. Tablo needs to be smart enough to understand the event transitions for recording the same OTA channel.

That is normal using 2 tuner models, but you can manually adjust the length, like for football I add an extra hour. Also I think when your watching something that uses a tuner so only leaves 1 to record things with. I miss recordings every day as this is only 2 tuners. I only bought this as a backup and already have a 4 tuner TiVo as my main DVR.

Not sure how the 4th gen works, but on the older ones, if extend recordings is enabled, it will add 50% of the scheduled time to live or season finales. Outside of that, if a tuner is available, it adds 15 seconds to the front (but starts playback at the 15 sec mark) and 1 minute past the end.

Thanks. Yes, I just noticed that the Extended Recording option was enabled in the setting, so that explains it. I think it’d be good to have that choice per Event, which is not possible on Gen 4. Also, I still think this problem should be fairly easy to solve for recording the same OTA channel back-to-back. I hope they consider improving this.

If the user indicates that they want back to back recordings and all the tuners are scheduled then the extend live is canceled for the recording spilling over into the next scheduled recording.

Perfect - that is exactly what I’d expect! But, I think that behavior is not working properly in Gen 4. While I have seen that working well on some occasions, it did not always work that way as with the failed recordings I mentioned. Maybe a bug needs fixing.

While I have a gen 4 I have plenty of legacy tuners available to satisfy my OTA needs. And besides I prefer to keep my sanity until most of the issues are worked out. But I did find it amusing when a FAST channel recording failed due to a weak signal.

I recently purchased 4th Gen Tablo device. I too am troubleshooting Failed Recordings when reception good. Can someone confirm that I should be able to both watch an OTA channel on my TV with its own antenna, and record the same channel/program via my 4th Gen 2 tuner Tablo with different antenna. I do not think this should create a tuner limitation as Smart TV has its own tuner.

Another possibility: Is there an issue with setting a Record All when the episodes run back to back. I will make sure the Extend Live recording is set to OFF, but am wondering if people have more success treating recurring episodes as individual recordings than series recordings.

There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to both watch on the TV itself via the internal tuner as well as record with your Tablo since they each have their own antenna feed.

However, a single tuner in your TV vs the 2 tuners in the Tablo isn’t an apples to apples comparison as far as signal quality since the feed to the Tablo has to be split to feed the 2 tuners. Another thing to consider, the 4th gen model has a in-line amplifier that is on by default (https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/18144745754772-How-Does-the-In-Line-Antenna-Amplifier-Work-on-the-4th-Generation-Tablo-). Depending on how close you are to the TV towers you might be overdriving the tuners.