4th Gen Streaming Channels vs. Plex Streaming Channels

I believe the tables below are accurate October 16, 2023. Talking USA Plex Live TV and Streaming.

For some, a Plex DVR with Live TV Streaming channels might be an option over a 4th gen Tablo. I have tested Plex DVR for OTA with 8 tuners.

The following table shows the overlap the channels on the 4th Gen Tablo and where the same channel is available (but not for recording) via Plex Live Streaming channels:

Tablo 4th Gen Title Genre
X Comedy Dynamics Comedy
X Laff More Comedy
X Bounce XL Entertainment
X Dove Entertainment
X Grit Xtra Entertainment
X Ion Mystery Entertainment
X Ion Plus Entertainment
X Maximum Effort Channel Entertainment
X Love Nature Explore
X RetroCrush Gaming and Anime
X GUSTOTV Lifestyle
X Tastemade Lifestyle
X The Design Network Lifestyle
X Alien Nation by DUST Movies
X MyTime Movie Network Movies
X The Film Detective Movies
X Bloomberg Originals News and Opinion
X Bloomberg TV News and Opinion
X Scripps News News and Opinion
X Washington Post Television News and Opinion
X Estrella News News and Opinion, En EspaƱol
X Court TV Reality
X Court TV Legendary Trials Reality
X Soā€¦ Real Reality
X Nosey Reality, Entertainment
X Fubo Sports Network Sports
X Outside Sports
X Pac-12 Insider Sports
X The World Poker Tour Sports

Some channels are unique to the 4th Gen Tablo:

Title Genre
Crime Hunters Entertainment
Docurama Entertainment
History Time Entertainment
Homeful Entertainment
Meat Eater Entertainment
Tastemade Travel Entertainment
Tastemade Home Entertainment
Total Crime Entertainment
Carbon TV Sports
SportsNews Highlights Sports
NewsNet News
Classic Gold Movies
EstrellaTV Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Univision Entertainment, En EspaƱol
BizTV Other
KBS America Other
NTD Other
Religious Other
Shop LC Other
FM Audio Other

The next table are the channels that are unique to Plex Streaming and not on the 4th Gen Tablo device:

Title Genre
ALF Comedy
Are We There Yet? Comedy
FailArmy Comedy
Funny Or Die, Inc. Comedy
Humor Mill Comedy
Just For Laughs Gags Comedy
LOL! Stand Up Comedy
MST3K Comedy
Mythical 24/7 Comedy
People are Awesome Comedy
Quip Comedy
Slightly Off IFC Comedy
The Pet Collective Comedy
WITZ-Comedy TV Comedy
Juntos TV Comedy, En EspaƱol
Anger Management Comedy, Entertainment
Freebie TV Comedy, Entertainment
LOL! Network Comedy, Entertainment
The Carol Burnett Show Comedy, Entertainment
Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show Comedy, Entertainment
21 Jump Street Entertainment
ACTION!!! Entertainment
Aliwko Entertainment
ALLBLK Gems Entertainment
Baywatch Entertainment
Best TV Ever Entertainment
Beyond Belief Entertainment
Brat TV Entertainment
BritBox Mysteries Entertainment
Classic Doctor Who Entertainment
ClixTV Entertainment
Crime ThrillHer Entertainment
Crime Time Entertainment
Deal Zone Presented By History Entertainment
Desi Play TV Entertainment
Dick Van Dyke Entertainment
EL REY Entertainment
Farscape Entertainment
FilmRise British TV Entertainment
FilmRise Sci-Fi Entertainment
FilmRise Western Entertainment
Galxy TV Entertainment
Globi TV Entertainment
Heartland Entertainment
HerSphere by Lionsgate Entertainment
Highway to Heaven Entertainment
Horrorfy Entertainment
Infamous TV Entertainment
ION Entertainment
Jubao Entertainment
Kriminal Presented By A&E Entertainment
McLeods Daughters Entertainment
Merlin Entertainment
MHz Now Entertainment
Midsomer Murders Entertainment
Mystery Alley Entertainment
Mystify Entertainment
Nashville Entertainment
OnDemandChina Entertainment
OuterSphere by Lionsgate Entertainment
OUTtv Proud Entertainment
Portlandia Entertainment
Rakuten Viki Entertainment
Real Crime Entertainment
REELZ Famous & Infamous Entertainment
Renegade Entertainment
Shemaroo Bollywood Entertainment
Shout! Factory TV Stream Entertainment
Sleuth Entertainment
Stories by AMC Entertainment
Stories by AMC Entertainment
The Commish Entertainment
The Ed Sullivan Show Entertainment
The Grio Entertainment
The Rifleman Entertainment
The Walking Dead Universe Entertainment
Top Gear Entertainment
Topic Crime & Thrillers Entertainment
True Crime Now Entertainment
TV Asia Comedy Powered by Shemaroo Entertainment
Wanted: Dead or Alive Entertainment
Johnny Carson TV Entertainment, Comedy
AMC en EspaƱol Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Anger Management en espaƱol Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Autopista al Cielo Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Azteca Internacional Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Canela Telenovelas Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Canela TV Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Clic Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Cops en EspaƱol Entertainment, En EspaƱol
CorazĆ³n Entertainment, En EspaƱol
El Conflicto TV Entertainment, En EspaƱol
ElectricNOW en EspaƱol Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Estrella TV Entertainment, En EspaƱol
FilmRise Crƭmenes Verdaderos Entertainment, En EspaƱol
FilmRise Series Gratis Entertainment, En EspaƱol
FLOU Caribeno Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Misterios sin Resolver Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Novelisima Entertainment, En EspaƱol
Nuestra Vision Entertainment, En EspaƱol
RCN Xtra Entertainment, En EspaƱol
The Bob Ross Channel en EspaƱol Entertainment, En EspaƱol
The Wu Tang Collection Spanish Entertainment, En EspaƱol
TV Amor Entertainment, En EspaƱol
ANIME x HIDIVE Entertainment, Gaming and Anime
FilmRise Anime Entertainment, Gaming and Anime
TokuSHOUTsu Entertainment, Gaming and Anime
Grjngo - PelĆ­culas Del Oeste Entertainment, Movies
Times Now Navbharat Entertainment, News and Opinion
Cowboy Way Entertainment, Reality
Game Show Central Entertainment, Reality
Impossible - Quiz Show Entertainment, Reality
America the Beautiful Explore
BBC Earth Explore
Beautiful Planet Explore
GoTraveler Explore
GoUSA TV Explore
History & Warfare Now Explore
History Hit Explore
MBC Explore
Mech+ Explore
Military Heroes Presented By History Explore
Modern Marvels by History Explore
Pattrn Explore
PBS Nature Explore
Real Wild Explore
Space Science Now Explore
Stingray Naturescape Explore
Surf Now TV Explore
The Bob Ross Channel Explore
Travel Escapes Explore
True History Explore
Unidentified Explore
UnXplained Zone Explore
WeatherSpy Explore
WildEarth Explore
Wonder Explore
Saber Mas Explore, En EspaƱol
MagellanTV NOW Explore, Entertainment
AsianCrush Gaming and Anime
Dungeon TV Gaming and Anime
LevelUp Gaming and Anime, En EspaƱol
123GO! Kids and Family
5-Minute Crafts Kids and Family
BABY SHARK TV Kids and Family
Boonie Cubs TV Kids and Family
Eddieā€™s Wonderland Kids and Family
Family Tree Kids and Family
FamilyTime Kids and Family
FilmRise Kids Kids and Family
Kidoodle TV Kids and Family
KidsFlix Kids and Family
Ninja Kidz TV Kids and Family
pocket.watch Kids and Family
PW Kids Kids and Family
Ryan and Friends Kids and Family
SKWAD Kids and Family
Sonic TV Kids and Family
TG Junior Kids and Family
Toon Goggles Kids and Family
Toony Planet Kids and Family
Watch it Kid Kids and Family
AFV EspaƱol Kids and Family, En EspaƱol
Chiquilines Kids and Family, En EspaƱol
Ideas En 5 Minutos Kids and Family, En EspaƱol
Pitufo TV Kids and Family, En EspaƱol
AFV Family Kids and Family, Entertainment
Degrassi Kids and Family, Entertainment
Power Rangers Kids and Family, Entertainment
Transformers Kids and Family, Entertainment
AKC.tv Lifestyle
ALTRD.TV Lifestyle
Antiques Road Trip Lifestyle
Antiques Roadshow UK Lifestyle
AspireTV Life Lifestyle
At Home with Family Handyman Lifestyle
BBC Food Lifestyle
BBC Home & Garden Lifestyle
Choppertown Lifestyle
COMMUNE Lifestyle
Cook Chop Chat Lifestyle
Cooking Panda Lifestyle
CraftsyTV Lifestyle
FOX SOUL Lifestyle
Gardening with Monty Don Lifestyle
GFN TV Lifestyle
Glewed TV Lifestyle
HappiTV Lifestyle
INFAST Lifestyle
Journy Lifestyle
Kin Lifestyle
Love Pets Lifestyle
Love Stories TV Lifestyle
More U Lifestyle
PBS Antiques Roadshow Lifestyle
PBS Food Lifestyle
Places & Spaces Lifestyle
POPSUGAR Fitness Lifestyle
Property & Reno Lifestyle
So Yummy Lifestyle
The Grid Lifestyle
The Jamie Oliver Channel Lifestyle
This Old House Lifestyle
Saborear TV Lifestyle, En EspaƱol
BACKSTAGE Lifestyle, Music
Home.Made.Nation Lifestyle, Reality
SPEEDVISION Lifestyle, Sports
24 Hour Free Movies Movies
AfroLandTV Movies
AMC Thrillers Movies
ARTFLIX - Movie Classics Movies
Bigtime - Free Movies Movies
BlackPix Movies
Canela ClƔsicos Movies
Chicken Soup for the Soul Movies
CineLife Movies
Cinema Libre Channel Movies
Crackle Movies
Dark Matter TV Movies
Discover Film Movies
Documentary+ Movies
Filmstream Movies
Free Movies Plus Movies
FrightFlix Movies
GAGO TV Movies
Gravitas Adrenaline Movies
Gravitas Documentaries Movies
Gravitas Movies Movies
Grjngo - Western Movies Movies
Halloween Plus Movies
Hi-YAH! Movies
Horrorfy Movies
IFC Films Picks Movies
Maverick Black Cinema Movies
Midnight Pulp Movies
Movie Favorites Lifetime Movies
Nolly Africa HD Movies
Popcornflix Movies
Revry Movies
Runtime Movies
Samuel Goldwyn Channel Movies
Samuel Goldwyn Classics Movies
Samuel Goldwyn International Movies
Scares by Shudder Movies
Scream Factory TV Movies
Screambox TV Movies
Shorts Movies
Shout! Cult Movies
Spark TV Light & Love Movies
Studio 19 Movies
The Archive Movies
The Preview Channel Movies
Top Cine Movies
Trailers From Hell Movies
Tribeca Channel Movies
Unexplained Movies
Watch it SCREAM Movies
Wu Tang Collection Movies
ARTFLIX - Pelƭculas ClƔsicas Movies, En EspaƱol
Bigtime - Pelƭculas Gratis Movies, En EspaƱol
Butaca TV Movies, En EspaƱol
Canela Cinema Movies, En EspaƱol
Cine EstrellaTV Movies, En EspaƱol
Cine Premium Plus Movies, En EspaƱol
Cine Real Movies, En EspaƱol
Cine SureƱo Movies, En EspaƱol
Cinema Movies, En EspaƱol
Cortos Movies, En EspaƱol
FilmRise Pelƭculas Gratis Movies, En EspaƱol
FLOU Cine Movies, En EspaƱol
La Corriente Movies, En EspaƱol
Oro TV Movies, En EspaƱol
Runtime EspaƱol Movies, En EspaƱol
Todo Cine Movies, En EspaƱol
Top Cine Movies, En EspaƱol
Tu Cine Movies, En EspaƱol
Electric Now Movies, Entertainment
Hallmark Movies & More Movies, Entertainment
Lone Star Movies, Entertainment
Alternative Music
Classic Rock Music
Easy Listening Music
Euro Hits Music
Flashback 70s Music
Greatest Hits Music
Hip-Hop/R&B Music
Hit List Music
Hot Country Music
Music Legends Music
Nothinā€™ But 90s Music
party tyme karaoke Music
Pop Adult Music
Qello Concerts Music
Qwest TV Music
Remember the ā€˜80s Music
Smooth Jazz Music
Soul Storm Music
SPIN Music
Stingray Classica Stream Music
Stingray CMusic Music
Stingray DJAZZ Music
Stingray Karaoke Music
The Spa Music
Todayā€™s K-Pop Music
TRACE Brazuca Music
TRACE Urban Music
Vevo '70s Music
Vevo '80s Music
Vevo '90s Music
Vevo 2K Music
Vevo Country Music
Vevo Hip-Hop Music
Vevo ƍconos Latinos Music
Vevo Latino Music
Vevo Pop Music
Vevo R&B Music
Vevo Reggaeton & Trap Music
Vevo Regional Mexicano Music
Vevo Retro Rock Music
Vevo True School Hip-Hop Music
Vivaldi Music
Y2K Music
YG TV Music
Ɖxitos del Momento Music, En EspaƱol
Flash Music, En EspaƱol
La Bocina Latina Music, En EspaƱol
MMC Music, En EspaƱol
Party Tyme Karaoke Music, En EspaƱol
TRACE Latina Music, En EspaƱol
AccuWeather NOW News and Opinion
Action News Jax News and Opinion
Black Star Network News and Opinion
Boston 25 News News and Opinion
Cheddar News News and Opinion
CoinDesk TV News and Opinion
Entrepreneur TV News and Opinion
Euronews News and Opinion
Euronews Deutsch News and Opinion
Euronews FranƧais News and Opinion
Euronews Italiano News and Opinion
Euronews Portuguese News and Opinion
FashionTV News and Opinion
FOX Weather News and Opinion
i24NEWS Updates News and Opinion
KIRO 7 Seattle News and Opinion
LiveNOW from FOX News and Opinion
Local Now Dallas News and Opinion
Local Now DeSoto News and Opinion
Local Now Irving News and Opinion
Local Now Plano News and Opinion
Made In Hollywood News and Opinion
Moconomy - Economy & Finance Infotainment News and Opinion
NBC News NOW News and Opinion
News 12 New York News and Opinion
Newsmax TV News and Opinion
Popstar! TV News and Opinion
Reuters TV News and Opinion
RevryNews News and Opinion
The Hill TV News and Opinion
Us Weekly TV News and Opinion
USA TODAY News and Opinion
Vice News News and Opinion
WFTV 9 Orlando News and Opinion
WHIO Dayton News and Opinion
WPXI Now Pittsburgh News and Opinion
WSB Now Atlanta News and Opinion
WSOC Channel 9 News and Opinion
Yahoo Finance News and Opinion
Euronews EspaƱol News and Opinion, En EspaƱol
MegaNoticias News and Opinion, En EspaƱol
Moconomy - Economƭa y Finanzas News and Opinion, En EspaƱol
Weather Channel EspaƱol News and Opinion, En EspaƱol
TED News and Opinion, Explore
TODAY All Day News and Opinion, Lifestyle
4 Adventure Reality
4 Emergency Reality
4UV Reality
All Reality WE tv Reality
All Weddings WE tv Reality
Ax Men by History Reality
Beyond Paranormal Reality
Caught in Providence Reality
Celebrity Name Game Reality
Cheaters Reality
Cold Case Files by A&E Reality
Confess by Nosey Reality
Crime & Justice Reality
Crime 360 Reality
Dance Moms by Lifetime Reality
Deal Or No Deal Reality
Donā€™t Tell The Bride Reality
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Reality
Drag Race Universe Reality
Duck Dynasty Reality
Emergency! Reality
Family Feud Classic Reality
Fear Factor Reality
FilmRise Concursos de Cocina Reality
FilmRise True Crime Reality
Forensic Files Reality
GameTV Go Reality
Ghost Hunters Channel Reality
Great British Menu Reality
Hellā€™s Kitchen & Kitchen Nightmares Reality
Ice Road Truckers Reality
JAIL Reality
Judge Faith Reality
Judge Nosey Reality
Law & Crime Reality
Love Quest Reality
Matched Married Meet Reality
Perform by Lifetime Reality
Real Disaster Channel Reality
Real Life Reality
Real Stories Reality
Supermarket Sweep Reality
The Biggest Loser Reality
The Boat Show Reality
Tiny House Nation Reality
TMZ Reality
Unsolved Mysteries Reality
WipeoutXtra Reality
Women Behind Bars Reality
Worldā€™s Wildest Police Videos Reality
Xtreme Outdoor by HISTORY Reality
Estrella Games Reality, En EspaƱol
Nosey EscƔndalos Reality, En EspaƱol
RCN MƔs Reality, En EspaƱol
The Price is RIght Reality, Entertainment
VICE Reality, Explore
ACCDN Sports
ACL Cornhole TV Sports
Billiard TV Sports
CampusLore Sports Sports
Edge Sport Sports
Fifth Gear (UK) Sports
Fight Network Sports
Fite 24/7 Sports
FTF Sports Sports
FUEL TV Sports
GLORY Kickboxing Sports
Hard Knocks Sports
IMPACT Wrestling Sports
MAVTV Select Sports
Motorsport.tv Sports
MotorTrend FAST TV Sports
Motorvision TV Sports
MSG SportsZone Sports
NHRA TV Sports
Outdoor America Sports
Overtime Sports
Party Poker TV Sports
PFL MMA Sports
PickleTV Sports
Poker Night TV Sports
PokerGO Sports
Pro Wrestling TV Sports
PursuitUP Sports
Racing America Sports
SportsGrid Sports
Stadium Sports
Strongman Champions Sports
Swerve Sports Sports
Torque Presented By History Sports
Ultimate Classic Wrestling Sports
Unbeaten Sports
Waypoint TV Sports
Wired2Fish Sports
Womenā€™s Sports Network Sports
XFC TV Sports
beIN Sports Xtra en EspaƱol Sports, En EspaƱol
Canela Deportes Sports, En EspaƱol
CombaTV Sports, En EspaƱol

Thank you for the comprehensive list!

With Tablo 4ā€™s ability to record, suddenly all the streaming channels become interesting to me, because I can time shift and skip commercials. So for me, this comparison is moot - no DVR, no sale :wink: