4th Gen Streaming Channels Missing

I just set up a 4th Gen receiver and it works fine with OTA channels, but I don’t see any of the advertised free streaming channels anywhere. I only see the OTA channels. Do I need to enable something else to see those? Example: Dabl or Tastemade

More info: I see this on all platforms, Fire TV, Android, Chromecast & iOS. I tried them all with the same Tablo box.

During the channel scan, did you not add any of the streaming channels to your lineup?

If not you may need/want to go and select them to be added.

There were no streaming channels presented there, only the ota channels found during the scan.

AFAIK, locality matters. You’re not in Canada by any chance?

Not in Canada. I’m in the heart of San Diego.

Oh wow! I changed the zip code to one of the surrounding areas and did a rescan and 40 or so streaming channels magically appeared. Looks like a bug. The lesson here is to try other zip codes besides your own I guess. Thanks for the trigger word “locality”.

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I’m in SD and get around 41. I would open a ticket with your zip code and hopefully they will fix your zip for future users.

I will. Thanks!

Doesn’t scanning just get OTA channels, and Streaming channels are over the Internet?

I stumbled across a good way to find what channels are in your area.
Google “distance from TV tower”

Check out ChannelMaster in the list.
They show a map with your location, and all the towers around you.
You can scale the radius from 45, 60, and 100 miles. Don’t know if that changes to Kilometers if you are in Canada.
Also displace a list of the channels you should be able to get, how far away the tower is, and reception quality.
Useful for finding the right antenna to buy. Of course they sell antennas. Haha

Go to rabbitears.info. You can not only get channel locations, you get bearings, estimated signal strength and SNR. If you want to be super nerdy, they have special maps that use the terrain to get super-detailed signal info.

Guys … I know all the broadcast stations in my area and I’m already picking up most of them. That was not my problem.

What I was not getting was the 40+ free STREAMING channels that Tablo includes in the channel guide after the broadcast channels. These are fed over internet not the broadcast OTA receiver. However, the set of streaming channels Tablo allows you to see and includes in the channel guide does depend on the zip code you enter in the interface. For some reason, they were not allowing the STREAMING channels to be viewed when I used my zip code. I changed it to a nearby zip code a few miles away and the streaming channels magically appeared.

This was all about the streaming channels, not the broadcast OTA channels. I already had those in my channel guide.


I still think if you open a ticket for your zip code tablo wil get it fixed for your zip code.

FAST channels seem more funky then I thought. I just did a rescan using Roku to see if a low power OTA was stll being picked up. And all of my FAST channels disappeared.

Of course I didn’t save the scan.

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Please definitely get in touch with our support team with the zip code that didn’t work – they’ll be happy to look into this further: https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/#contact

Actually, it’s more than just the zip code causing this. That seems to have just been a coincidence. As member zippy also noticed, it turns out that many times when I do a rescan, the FAST channels disappear. I can’t figure out how to get them back though. It seems to be random. So, even with new zip code, most of the time if I rescan, the FAST channels disappear. I have to be careful not to save those scans because I can’t figure out what triggers their return on subsequent scans.

Mine disappeared and still hasn’t re-appeared. But as a long time user I always check after the scan and never save strange results.

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I just opened a ticket on this.

Update 10/21/23:

This seems to be fixed after the latest firmware update 2.2.46 or perhaps they fixed it somewhere in their server software. I didn’t get a notice that the ticket is closed, but I haven’t seen this at all in a while and I have done several rescans. The FAST channels always appear now even with my correct zip code.