4th Gen Startup on Live with Roku?

Is there any way to force the new Tablo to start up in Live mode when using the Roku app? My wife has Alzheimer’s and cannot learn new ways to do things. If this capability does not exist in the current app, please add it in a future update.

I have a TCL TV with ROKU and I purchased a new remote from ROKU that has two programmable buttons.
One I programmed for TABLO.
Press it and it turns on the TV and opens TABLO.
Don’t know what you have or if it would work for you though.

Thanks for the suggestion. My problem is I need for the 4th gen Tablo to start up on the “Live” screen when opened with the Roku. It currently starts on the Home Screen and user has to select Live mode.

A network legacy tablo, legacy app. and a free standing roku works like what you want. The tablo app remembers the last menu position on exit(not switch tablos).

But for the gen 4 app to do the same might mean that the “home” has little or less significance. I alway like starting the gen 4 app and ending in a menu I never use.

There is no way to do it currently, but all the 4th generation apps are nowhere near finished. So it could happen at some point.

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Yeah. I have an original Tablo and a 4th gen. The 4th gen has much better reception, but I can’t switch over to it until my wife can use it with her Roku.

maybe you will get lucky and legacy functionality will be added to the roku gen 4 app - it could happen

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