4th gen series info - retry failed to load

4th gen 4 tuner running 2.2.48 will not pull up series information on my android shield tv or my android phone. It shows a screen saying failed to load and shows a retry button. I have back out of that.

Sometimes it will briefly show the correct info but only for half a second and then shows the retry page.

This works ok on 2 different rokus connected to the same tablo. I’ve tried clearing cache/etc on the android app and uninstall/reinstall the app. Also rebooted the tablo. Any ideas?

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You’re not the only one…

A third of the time I get stuck in the series information page, a third of the time I get the information, and the other third of the time I get this retry issue. Like you said, it doesn’t do anything – this has only been going on for a few days.

I have taken the same steps as you with zero improved results. (This is on GoogleTV and FireTV, but I will test on Rokus today)

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It’s strange because this was working fine and the app didn’t update on the android side. Just the Roku app.

In addition, the android live guide has all the data. I can go forward in the live guide to see the next episodes are set to be recorded and it will show that episode’s info correctly, but if I look at the list of scheduled shows from the main menu and pick that particular show, it fails to load the info card to show the same info that it definitely has in the live guide.

All the while Roku works great… Library - scheduled - pick the show… It loads and shows all the upcoming episodes.

I’ve had the same issue for the past few days…it’s really annoying. It worked fine before that.

I’m having the same problem but only with one show “CBS Evening News”. I just want to go into the options to limit it to three recordings which as far as I can see you have to go into series information to do. I’m getting the same error on both fire sticks and on the android app. I’ve tried hard resetting the tablo with the same results. Weird thing is I dug out an old Roku TV that I had in the closet and tried it and it works fine. So it must be something wrong with the Android apps and the fire stick app.

Same problem on Firestick 1.1.3 and i(Pad)OS 1.4.0 with FW 2.2.48. Roku app 0.8 build 500 is OK. It seems like Tablo is on a dreary fix one thing break something else march with at least 3 different inconsistent apps. “Failed to load” maybe “Item not found” maybe “Try again”. Quite discouraging.

I have an open ticket but so far have only been given the generic try rebooting everything.

Looking at the series info page for shows that have already been recorded works. It pulls up the already recorded episodes and the show’s blurb.

Shows that are upcoming don’t pull up the series info page and spit out the retry page. So it would seem it is having trouble pulling up the list of upcoming shows.

At least upcoming episodes scheduled to record have been recording correctly.

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I think there’s got to be some server issue regarding this – it’s gotta pull that upcoming info from somewhere!

I’ve been going day by day to check what’s recording since this feature only works a third of the time. Odd that the mobile app does show what’s coming up in that section!

I feel that all the platforms are having major issues in one way or another RN. Can’t use the Roku since I can’t even get to my recordings…

Sad that your getting generic tech support replies – there’s like four of the threads started based on JUST this issue! I even atted them, going they’d combine them and realize the extent of the issue.

If you do hear anything, please share it with us!

I had a tiny update for the 4th gen tablo app on my phone. It appears to have fixed the issue. Hopefully the shield tv has the same update waiting for it.

Same update hit the shield and as expected looks to have fixed the issue on it too.

Thank you tablo support!

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