4th Gen scrolling issues on Roku

I’m sure that this is in the queue for release with the next Roku update.

I got spoiled by the ability to scroll thru the Genres on my legacy quad.

Can’t scroll thru the lists on the Shows\Genres, Movies\Genres or the Sports\By Sports screens. Scrolling is a purely manual operation. I have to press the up/down buttons for each movement since scrolling is not automatic.

There might be another screen hidden somewhere that I haven’t discovered yet…

I don’t quite understand. If I pick Shows, then Genres, all genres are listed on the left.

It is true, however, that the list won’t scroll automatically if you hold the up / down buttons. Is that what you mean? You do have to click repeatedly.

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@knutsen Yup! I’m wearing out my thumb and the buttons on the remote with the repeat clicking. I go to westerns which happens to be atthe bottom of the list. Try it on Shows, it takes a long time to get there.