4th Gen Quad just installed ... but Tablo App can't find

Quad shows up om my LAN ( , but “Tablo App” installed from microsoft store can’t find it.
I have used a “Legacy Quad” for a number of years until the ethernet I/F failed.
Do I need to reregister? If so How?

When you go to the tablotv WEB site is there a Microsoft app that is listed as working for a gen4 device

Yep, It sends you to the Microsoft store.
Another message on this topic says there isn’t a 4th GEN PC app - which sucks.
If there isn’t I’m returning the 4th GEN.

So I went to my tiny tiny “keyboard” and “display” on my android phone and was able to connect.

Do you see microsoft on this page?

The 4th gen white Tablo does not work with the old legacy app provided by the Microsoft Store.

From other posts, the only way to use the new Gen4 Tablo on a PC is to install an Android emulator, then use the Android TV app.

Thanks, but then I’m left with the Android APP which is about 10 times worse than the legacy PC APP.
Using the Legacy PC App I could set up recordings for the coming 5 days in about 15 to 30 minutes (depending on how many recordings), using the Android APP on my smart phone would take about all day.

You don’t have any streaming devices on your TVs such that you could use the “leanback” or TV apps?

The legacy android app does tend to suck. But people like pretty pictures(thumbnails). If I really want to get things done in an efficient and timely manor I have to use Roku.

Just discovered another problem; my Tablo Ripper which worked just fine on my Legacy Tablo doesn’t work at all on my 4th Gen Quad and isn’t going to be updated.

Does anyone know of a ripper which will work on a 4th Gen Tablo?


Nothing there yet, however, there is a way cryptically to get at content, but nothing well managed. Not yet.

On the gen 4 I guess it’s not straight forward and easy to hoard all the episodes of green acres. Maybe that’s a good thing.