4th gen not see my usb drive

Tablo support may be available on Monday.
Best Buy delivered 4th gen Friday evening.
Setup complete.
Can I use my external USB drive from old generation?

As the 4th generation Tablo device has a different type of recording format and database, you cannot move existing recordings or recording schedules from legacy network-connected or TV-connected Tablo devices to the newest Tablo.

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Tablo support said 4th gen. does not support old external drive.
Best Buy trying their best not to refund.

What Tablo is telling you is that you can’t put the old drive on your new white Tablo, and watch any of the recordings you already have. It’s likely you can use the drive, but unfortunately you’d have to erase it to use it on your 4th gen.

If your drive is a few years old, you might want to buy a new one for use in your 4th gen anyway.

So it comes down to whether you want to erase your drive for use in your new Tablo, or buy a new one. For now, though, you can use the 128G internal storage. When you do decide if you want to add an external SSD or HDD, you can plug it in at any time. You just need to have the Tablo app format the drive in order to use it.

Good luck!

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Not at

Not at all what they said. You just can’t migrate over the content from your legacy Tablo to your 4th gen Tablo.

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Yes but reformat first…

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