4th Gen network port(s)

I have 2 networks in my home that are routed between and need to know what ports are used by the new 4th gen device. I want to make the Tablo available on both networks. I need to discover and stream to/from the other network.

In general, the Tablo does not work with multiple networks.

If you really want to pursue this, you would need to open a ticket with Tablo Support.

Used port scanning utility to discover ports the 4th gen Tablo uses. I was able to open the ports (trigger ports) and I was able to get connection to the Tablo box from clients on other secure network. I have double NAT Firewall arrangement with one network for isolating IOT devices including AV devices (these devices can be “firmware bugged”) and other secure network is for known user PC’s and known user devices only (wife and I only). Then I created a Guest network for visitors.

IOT network is running client isolation to prevent IOT devices from snooping on each other. They pretty much only see the internet except for a few exceptions like the Tablo box and my Pioneer receiver which require direct user device network interaction.