4th Gen - Hide channels from Live Grid?

I have a 4th gen. I live in a major city - so with a channel scan, I get 171 channels

Is there a way to hide channels from the Live channel grid?

Related question - how do I tag a channel as a Favorite Channel?

On the left side of your channel scan results there are a bunch of checkmarks, just uncheck the channels that you don’t want to include in the Live channel grid.

Regarding Favorites, it looks like it is being reworked atm:


Currently, to favorite a channel, go to any program in the guide on the channel you want to favorite and select it (the actual program entry in the guide, not the channel number at the far left). A menu will pop up for you to select whether to watch or record the program. At the bottom of that menu is a plus sign “Add channelname to Favorites”. If it’s already in the favorites list, there will be a check mark instead of a plus sign and the option will be to remove it.

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Thanks - that does do it!

Tablo team - it would be good too, if you could do that from the live channel grid. Much easier, so I can see what the channel is airing (programming in a language I do not speak, or home shopping, for example) and deselect that channel right there. This way forces me to write down a list of channels to deselect

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That solves that little puzzle about favorites. Thank you.

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