4th Gen Hard Drive Question

Hello. New 4th gen owner. I added an external hard drive. Everything works.

Does Table automatically deletes old recorded videos to make space for new ones?
Or is this a manual thing that i need to keep deleting and always be on top of it.


Ok. Apologies, I should have just googled it.
So yes, 4th gen have an auto delete feature.
I just need to double check if it is on by default.

and it is not. so please check yours and adjust accordingly.


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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using the Auto-Delete feature, but just remember this won’t kick in until your drive is pretty full.

Depending on what type of show it is, you might be better served with changes to the “Keep” setting that can be found in “Recording Options” for each individual show. For example, I only keep 1 world news, but Jeopardy is set to save 5.

I’m guessing you’re using a Roku. I say this only because of how differently the Roku behaves when you’re done watching something. Instead of bringing you back to the popup you see after selecting a show, you are brought back to the main show episodes screen. It’s an extra step to go back into the show and arrow down to Delete Episode, so I understand just moving on to the next one.

Perhaps you have other reasons, I’m only giving you my take. Glad you found the information you were looking for and that it was helpful!

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I am a new user, and you are very correct. I never knew the “KEEP” feature. very handy. I will do that instead. I was just worried that i need to go in there and manually delete old shows to keep the hard drive space.

I really appreciate that tip. thank you

Glad I could help!

There’s another option, that could also work if you get a little distracted in your cleanup. If you look at “Manage Episodes” in your episodes screen, there are three options, but they do seem to change depending on what you’ve got going on or what device you’re using. One of those options should be “Delete Watched.” Since you’ll have completed episodes waiting to be erased, this can help you fly through shows and come back later to do your housekeeping.

(One of the settings seems to switch between “Delete All” and “Delete Unprotected”… and sometimes “Delete All” will keep my protected content and sometimes it doesn’t. Just a warning if you are looking at those other options. Now, if we could just get a confirmation dialog on anything we delete, that would be great!)

Sounds like you’re enjoying your new system. Keep us posted on how things are going as well as any other advice you might have for other new users.

Edit: Thanks for making me get off my butt and test this theory. Here’s what happens when I choose Delete All:

  • Roku deletes everything
  • Android deletes only unprotected shows

Hopefully, this is something @TabloTV and @TabloEngineering can look into.

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I will also take a look at that feature.
Yes i bought this actually for my wife so she can watch her favorite show.

I dont have experience with legacy and the tools, so i dont have anything to compare.
But was able to find work arounds.

Example. There is no windows app for 4th gen.
My fix is to install BLUESTAXKS X… it is an android simulator and creates a virtual android phone on your pc. This works wonderfully for me. I am ok with this.

Another one. I cannot copy recorded shows out for those shows i need to keep.
My fix is, i use OBD screen recorder and just play the show and screen record it.
Specially useful for these football shows.
I know it is not perfect or efficient, but it is one way of saving your show out of tablo.
If you know a better way, I am all ears.

Are you acquainted with Linux in any way?

No i dont. And i believe 4th gen is a no go? only Legacy…

If you can mount an NTFS partition, you can see the recordings and merge files, but the directory and file structure are a nightmare. An hour show can be segmented into 600+ pieces, as short as 6 seconds each! Not to mention, no way to tell what each recording is (if there’s a database file that can be read or some other way to distinguish this, I hope someone shares this tip!)

Regardless, you have to completely power off your Tablo so that the device never realizes you’ve taken the hard disk out. Luckily, the drive is read-only, so you don’t have to worry about making accidental modifications.

gotcha. thanks, way over my head. hahaha.