4th Gen - Guide\Channel Listing is in random order

I have a 4th gen Tablo, updated to the most recent firmware from a few days ago - 2.2.46. I deleted all of my channels, then rescanned.

The Channel Lineup ( from settings,guide, channel lineup) is in random order.

Channels are not listed in channel number order, nor listed in channel name order.
To make matters worse, some of the entries show only partial channel numbers - like this “11…”

This makes it pretty much impossible to prune your live tv grid, by removing channels you never going to watch. The live grid is in channel number order. So if I want to delete the foreign lanugage stations or the home shopping stations, I have to write down a list while reviewing the live tv grid, then switch over to settings and go into the Channel Lineup and hunt through a long list. In my case, 171 channels - in completely random order. 13.1 is not with 13.2 and is sandwiched inbetween 43.5 and 5.1. Not in name order and not in channel number order.

I appreciate this is a relatively new product. But, come on - this is halfbaked and parts are close to fully broken.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to force the Channel Lineup listing to sort itself? Because if there is, I am not seeing it.

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I already complained aabout the 3 different sorted(?) orders on roku. and only the live grid made any sense.

But I keep waiting for some one to complain that the My Time Movie Network is only under Shows and it only has movies. Of course there are no thumbnails for any movie.

I saw the same thing yesterday on the Roku app. That wrong-order also led to mismatched program-to-channel info on the grid.

Based on something I read on a different post for a different problem, here’s the workaround I used:

  1. Close the Tablo Roku app.
  2. Go to the Roku app on your smartphone. Your channels may already appear in the right order here. Re-scan your channels, then set it to where all OTA channels are un-selected - and at least one streaming channel is selected. Then save it.
  3. Re-scan again on your smartphone. Then select the channels you want and save it.
  4. Do not re-open the Tablo app on Roku yet. First, system reboot your Roku.
  5. The Roku Tablo app should now acquire the correct order and selection of channels you set via your phone.

It appears that this out-of-order bug is solely in the Roku app, when you use it to scan and select the channels.


Thanks that worked for me. Under 2. maybe you meant go to the Tablo app on your smartphone? Anyway I did that and followed the rest and it worked!

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Wouldn’t it be nice if they just fixed the actual bug in the roku app and all these work arounds weren’t needed. If I turn off the gen 4 and check in 60 days will some of these basic bugs, that slipped through beta test, be fixed.

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Thanks to WhenenRome… I just got a Gen 4 Tablo and noticed the same issue, contacted support. Still waiting for a response, but found this. I followed your steps and it helped but for me there is still a small mismatch on the channel lineup, but it’s only off by a couple toward the end of the OTA content. Most of it is good, and much better than before, which had almost all channels misaligned, except for the first couple. I also have a Fire TV, the Tablo app there worked fine, but I had to reboot the TV after doing this, otherwise it would hang trying load the app for some reason. I have 65 OTA channels, maybe that has some effect on the severity of the issue.

Don’t know if this is a similar issue but I just tried to watch and record Pawn Stars but when I click watch live (on my iPhone Tablo app) it goes to a totally different channel and a different show. It seems as if the channels in the guide are out of sync. Same thing happens if I search for a show. It points me to the show but not to the correct channel the show is on. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.