4th gen exiting during OTA viewing

We recently purchased a 4th gen Tablo and using it with Roku. For 3 days it worked great. Then we started having an issue with it exiting back to the Roku home screen after watching OTA programming for about 5 minutes. This seems to be limited to OTA channels, as we can still watch recorded shows or Tablo streaming channels without issue. OTA signal strength is not the issue, picture if fine until it kicks out, and we can watch the OTA channels directly through our tv without issue. Roku and Tablo have been reset 2x; no change. Also uninstalled and reinstalled Tablo app on Roku; no change. Only thing we haven’t tried is a factory reset, which I’m holding off on in hopes of a better solution. Anyone else run into this and have any suggestions?

Do you have a different device to try as I use a FireTV Cube and it only did something like that to me, maybe 2x in a couple weeks. Then an update came and been fine since.