4th Gen Conflicts

Does anyone else get conflict warnings when trying to record more than one show? This thing will not let me record more than one show at a time.

I’ve never had this happen, and it’s gotta be super frustrating.

When does this error occur. I mean, when you say “one show” – are you trying to record two OTA channels at the same time? Two FAST channels at the same time? One OTA and one FAST?

Also, what type of device are you using to schedule your recordings on?

You need to go to the guide and look thru all your channels and you can see what is going on. Something is probably there, you just can’t see it. Conflicts can be a pain to find on this new white one, I posted about it before.

If I manually record programs for the present time it will allow me to record 2 OTA and 2 FAST at the same time. If I schedule any for the future it only lets me record 1 OTA and 1 FAST. Sometimes it will only let me record only show at a time all together. I’m using a Fire stick .

If I’m reading this correctly, you’re able to record up to 4 things that are currently on, but anything farther out – even by a few minutes – will give you a red conflict error?

Yes. If I’m recording the current hour it works. If I go to the next hour it gives me conflicts.

Did you see anything hidden in the guide as @rkkeller suggested?

If you’ve done a channel scan, are there any channels unchecked that might be recording anything?

Also, what shows up in your Scheduled section of the Library tab. Are there any shows or movies listed there that might not be show up elsewhere or recording?

I would look in those two places to try and find out what might be recording. You could always try removing every scheduled recording, rebooting, and marking them to record again… but I have honestly no clue if that would help.

This sounds exceptionally frustrating. If it were me, I’d have written down what I plan to record and reset the entire thing – but this is a lengthy process and you’d lose anything on your internal or external device. You definitely get props on continuing to power through and try everything, sometimes more than once!

I went in and checked all the channels and then cancelled everything I had scheduled. I still get a recording conflict if I schedule more than one show. I’m past the point of returning this to Best Buy so it’s either fix it or grab a hammer out of my garage and beat to pieces, which I’ve been tempted to do on occasion.

Have you opened a support ticket with your issue?

I don’t know what else to recommend other than a factory reset.

Yes, since November 22nd I’ve called and emailed. The last response was that they were going to report it to their tech team and get back with me.

Wow. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with this issue for so long.

It’s up to you, but I would say at this point, what do you have to lose by doing a factory reset? Again, this is all up to you. I know I had a hell of a time with it the first week or two, and I can’t even guess how many times I did a full reset.

As with most, I’m only a user here and do not represent Tablo in any fashion. I’m just a tech nerd who will try everything he can before talking to Tech Support!

If you need that info: Factory reset of Tablo 4th gen

You may want to double check if you have the start or end time of your recordings going beyond the window of the show. I do that with sports in case it goes into overtime.

Look into your record options. I had noticed that I was having conflicts and it took me a while to figure out that my record options were causing overlaps that I didn’t realize.

Hope it helps.

Problem solved. I did a factory reset and the issue went away. Then I added extra recording time to the shows and it came back. I’ve been using 4 tuners for the last 6 years so the extra time never caused an issue. Since my hard drive is now empty I think I might upgrade to 4 tuners

It’s the “extra time” that you’re adding on your dual tuner.
It makes the show you’re recording run over into the next scheduled recording
Sounds like you need the 4 tuner model

Thanks everyone for helping me diagnose my problem. 3 weeks of dealing with customer support and it gets fixed in one day here. I know where I’ll be going if I have any more problems.