4th Gen apps - List view for library recordings?

Please let me know if this exists somewhere/somehow already; otherwise, please consider this a feature request… I’d love [to know if there’s] a way to change the library view from the cover/poster style to a more compact list view like a file system (ie, like the one I had on Fios if anyone is familiar).

I love the general look and feel of all the other menus, but the giant poster-icons on the library are unwieldy… Would love to be able to just see the program names represented in a directory style hierarchy. Maybe even the ability to blow away a whole folder at a time. Please and thank you all!


I agree. After spending 25 years with every Tivo device, I am just getting used to this. I’ve picked up on a few things in the guide, like creating my favorites, but how do I sort my Library, especially upcoming recordings. They seem to be in alpha order not by date. I’d like to see my future recordings, today in time order, not a list of all future recordings. Thanks for directing me to the right place. I’m a newbie.


I agree to both comments.
Pictures take up too much real estate.
Show names, Season & Episode (if a series), and date recorded would be nice.

One I’d like to add would be profiles.
Wife and I record a lot of different things.
Would be nice to have his, hers, and ours profiles.

Definitely agree. I was actually coming out here to fill in this exact same request.