4th gen Android phone app issues

Issue 1: When you tune to a live tv channel on the 4th generation Android phone app, it automatically shows closed captioning, whether the setting is on or off. (not a problem with watching recordings)

The workaround is to pause live tv, turn on closed captioning, turn off closed captioning, then press play. But if you tune to another channel, it will happen all over again.

Issue 2: During live tv, the slider bar doesn’t nothing if you move it left. You can move the dot, but it will immediately go back to where it was. Moving it to the right works some of the time. (not a problem with watching recordings)

Issue 3: During live tv, you can only rewind it a max of 40 seconds using the “10 second rewind” button. Trying to click any more times does nothing. (not a problem with watching recordings)

Issue 4: Recordings are missing. I see multiple episodes of one show but missing at least three recordings that I can see on my Roku.

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Issue 5: The “Conflict” tag doesn’t appear when there is a conflict. The show will have the correct red line under it, but the user will see “REC” when going to the details instead of “CONFLICT” (which I see on the iPad app).

Hey @snowcat … Aside from the seeking issue and the color coding/labeling of a recording in conflict which we’re working on, the remaining things should have been addressed in the 1.0.4. release that was just out.

Let us know if you’re still having trouble otherwise.

Issue 1 - Resolved
Issue 2 - Resolved
Issue 3 - Resolved
Issue 4 - Still a problem. Only shows “latest recordings” and no way to see all recordings.
Issue 5 - Still a problem (but acknowledged by the Tablo folks)

Ah that language clarifies things a bit. Yep, we will be adding that in an upcoming release.