4th Gen after viewing on live guide back-out jumps to home page

Anyone having trouble with backing out from live views after watching for about 10-15 minutes or more and when you attempt to back out, it jumps out of the live guide takes you all the way to a refresh of latest data and drops you back on the Home page?

I have 4th gen 4 tuner and 2nd gen fireTV 16Gb

This used to happen several weeks ago and seemed to have been fixed but started happening again since the server issues happened. I tried refreshing the app, deleting the cache and data and rebooting my fireTV but still is happening. I will reboot the Tablo shortly and see if that helps, but wondering if anyone else has that happening and if they found anything to correct it?

Yes I have had mysterious issues cropping up such as the one you report. I have a fireTV 4k stick and external HD. I have the 2 tuner. I suspect a firmware or software yet to be fixed issue.


Yeah, when I attempt to back out of a live channel after a few minutes of watching it goes here:

And then takes me here:

That was a problem that existed weeks and weeks ago but had been fixed and has been doing this since the server outage. Something got messed up.

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