4th gen 4 tuner tablo...recording from the middle of a program

Does anyone know if I begin recording a show while in progress…will the Tablo record the entire show from the beginning?

No, it will not. So if you do want to record something, you do have to plan ahead.

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How could it record something that has already aired? It’s not a time machine. The only reason some cable/satellite/streaming do that is if they have cloud recording. And even then, it may be limited to stuff available through OnDemand.

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It’s not unrealistic to expect a DVR to at least record from the moment you started watching, though.

The second you change channels on the Tablo, it creates a temporary timeshift file. This could be incorporated into a recording like any cheap PVR or cable box does. For whatever reason, the Tablo treats this differently than other devices.

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Thank you all for your input and responses. All I know is with my Fire Tv Recast if I’m watching a show that I can’t finish…I can hit record while the show is in progress and it will record the entire show from start to finish.
I know the the Recast days are numbered…but something to consider before making a switch to Tablo.

Here’s some thing to ponder on. On the topic of “will it record the whole show” (time travel)

Given that new Tablo is a broadcasting company and likely wanting full DRM to control both watching and recording (talking future ATSC 3.0)

Given that FAST channels are often under full control of that broadcaster.

Given that ads are the “A” part of FAST and that Tablo allows “recording” of those.

Then for content that might also be backed by “On Demand” (anytime) availability, Perhaps it’s possible that “recording” becomes a “copy” (of sorts) with even playback insertion of “ads” (going back to that control end to end thing).

I could see this.

Edit: Of course, what’s the difference between “On Demand” vs. copied on demand content that requires Internet access to function. ??? IMHO, the benefit may be to the company to consider for their own efficiency and not so much for the end user.

Fire TV Recast is storing the OTA show you are watching and then down converting it from it’s original format unlike the TABLO and hence the TABLO PQ will be much better since it is not reformatting the original broadcast! So it’s a big tradeoff.