4gen 4T reset no all gone

Hello my tablo 4gen 4t has an 8Tb ext HD plugged in after 3 months it started acting funny. Tried tried rebooting a few times no difference. So I did a hard reset. Now all my recording schedules are gone and the tablo doesn’t show I have any recordings on tbe HD. It just says I have 6TB free. It doesn’t give me any option to restore or reformat the HD just it starts using it again with 6tb free. Is there no way to recover my 3 months of recordings and it not how can the HD be reformatted to regain the used space.

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Dude… when you factory reset the Tablo, it unlinks all the recordings from the hard drive. The Tablo forgets it all. You will need to format the drive and start over again.

I know it’s too late to save you now but assuming by “hard reset” you mean factory reset, losing the recording and recording schedules is expected behavior…

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Be sure to follow the instructions shared by Nilex. If I remember correctly, a reboot is necessary after unplugging your HD from the Tablo device, to refresh the system and let the puck know that you’re no longer using that drive. It may be possible to plug it back in and reformat through the menu after taking this step.

If not, you may have to do a quick format from a computer if you’re unable to reformat through the settings menu of your TableTV app.

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its kinda stupid it cant see all the recordings on the HD and just add them back to the library! Come on Tablo!

I have to ask:

Where did you get the instructions to factory reset your Tablo? When I did this for the first time back in November, it was pretty clearly stated that I would lose all my data and that my hard drive would no longer be useable. I’m not understanding what made you take this drastic step before understanding the consequences.

One quick paragraph from the factory reset article:

Not stupid… many vendors factory reset operate this way.

You assuming a function not acting the way it should have in your head… doesn’t make Tablo stupid.

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I would just take it as a lesson learned about researching what is going to happen if you factory reset. Honestly, when I have issues with other devices I usually google factory resetting them for reasons just like this since the impact will vary based on the device.

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