49.3 (CometTV) broadcasting from Buffalo

Sci-fi 49.3 (CometTV - http://comettv.com) broadcasting from Buffalo, launching October 31. Live north of Toronto Ontario and 480i signal coming in great. Opened ticket to have channel guide added for my address.


When will Comet’s guide data start showing up on Tablo’s guide?

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Not the answer you’re looking for, but here is the schedule so you can schedule manual recordings. http://comettv.com/Comet-Schedule-2-Nov-2-8.pdf I looked at it, and the schedule for Oct 31 and Nov 1 is there too. Wanted to let you know so you would look today, based on what the file name is.

If you need help setting up manual recording, see http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/202882093-Chapter-8-Manual-Recordings

You have to open a ticket with Tablo support to have the data added for your zip code / postal code. I put mine in Thursday and they responded Friday that the request has been submitted, takes about 2 days.

Channel not available in Austin, TX. I only searched for the schedule and instructions on how to do manual recordings on Tablo while you wait for the channel to be added.

Again, www.titantv.com HAS the new station. So you can register and add a channel. Search for comet and you will see it. @TabloTV PLEASE work with TitlanTV and let it be used with Tablo instead of the slow to add, arranged by zip code (instead of channel number and call letters) provider that you currently use. HOW does TitanTV manage to get the new station fast? Simple - NOT having to enter it multiple times for EVERY ZIP CODE that can receive it.

Ticket entered. Yes it is unfortunate that we have to enter a ticket to get this added. Sounds like extra work for them.

Unfortunately, they’re not in my area yet. Wikipedia is showing Comet TV on one of the weaker channels I get sporadically, and the Comet TV web site was showing a different channel about a week ago, but that’s since gone away and they’re showing nothing for my area. Titan TV has nothing for that channel, and rescanning the airwaves comes up with nothing. Hopefully soon.

@Projectguy Unfortunately since Tablo does not keep its list of existing channels when do a channel re-scan I have not scanned to get COMET yet so I can’t tell you if I have guide data or not.

I can however pick up COMET on 31.3 out of Rochester, NY and 49.3 out of Buffalo on my TV’s not connected to Tablo. When a new channel comes out EPG data is not always available right away. If you’re pulling in Buffalo channels from Canada you probably already asked Tablo to add the Buffalo EPG to your local postal code. You probably will have to just wait for the data to be updated.