480/720/1080 Does it actually upscale or downscale images

I watch and record broadcasts in all three resolutions. Any suggestions as to which settings work best ? Does it actually upscale or downscale images ? Really wish there was an “Auto” option that did NOT rescale but simplified records in the broadcast resolution.

This blog post will be helpful for you to make the right decision for your needs:

Note the following:

These settings now let you independently define the maximum video resolution (SD 480, HD 720, or HD 1080) and bit rate (2 – 10 Mbps) at which your Tablo OTA DVR transcodes your live TV streams and your recording streams.

That means there is no upscaling of lower resolutions and if you choose the highest setting (which is basically what you’re asking for with the AUTO setting), no downscaling higher resolutions.

However, if you choose HD 720 at 5 Mbps for example, 1080i video will be downscaled to 720p.

480i stations would remain the same resolution at that setting.