40mm Cooling Fan

My Tablo 4-tuner used to frequently go unresponsive when it got hot (real hot!.. during multiple concurrent recordings), but since putting a small desk fan on it, I haven’t had a problem since (months). Before the fan, I tried elevating the case, turning it on it’s side, etc. I’m a little concerned about leaving an A/C desk fan on 24x7x365 (wasn’t designed for that – fire hazard?).

My question is, has anyone thought about DIY adding a quiet’ish 40mm cooling fan (powered by USB) on top of the Tablo? If you’ve already done this, can you share your experience and pictures?

I have used this from Newegg for the past year
EZOWare Mini Foldable USB Powered Laptop Cooling Pad - Supports up to 12" laptop Notebook
from Newegg. $5.98 sits under the Tablo … out of stock now but plenty of similar cooling pads on Ebay…

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