4 tuner us model tablo for sale

Asking $225+(whatever shipping you want to pay for) to reclaim all the life, time, and pain invested. Message me for info.

Um, I can get this on Amazon for $252.99 + free shipping. Might want to rethink that price


I hadn’t done a price comparison yet and I purchased it for more than what it lists for now. I just threw out a number.

I would think something closer to $175 would be a competitive price.

Is that an offer?

Not right now, unfortunately I don’t have the spare funds. However, I have looked into purchasing a 4 tuner in the past few months, and that is usually around the price I am looking for. I’ll let you know if I change my mind.

If it wasn’t for the pairing requirements, I’d do it. Granted I could pair my NP. Need to check with my sister first. Bring San Antonio OTA to North Austin! They have Antenna TV and a few other stations we don’t have.

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@Null145 Are you still trying to sell this? If so, what is your bottom dollar? and is it just the Tablo or do you have a HD to sell as well. Obviously I can buy my own HD but figured I would check what you are trying to get rid of. Thanks

Is it still for sale…what price would you accept I’m in Ottawa Canada