4 tuner slow channel guide updates

I moved my antenna yesterday and picked up more channels. I now get close to 30 channels. The tablo is now incredibly slow to update the channel guide. 30+ minutes to update the channels guide. I’m perplexed as their can’t be too much data in a channel guide. Has anyone else expereinced this issue?

Also adding that connecting to the tablo while it’s updating the guide is intermittent.

Updating the channel guide is a once a day thing done overnight - once it’s done you don’t need to do it again. If it’s slow, it’s slow.

It’s actually downloading all the program synopsis and little pictures. I don’t think it just downloads the changed stuff by itself.

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@bigkoi As @theuser86 mentioned, the initial 14-day download only happens ‘live’ once. After that it’s all automatic and overnight. This is pulling in lots of data including: airing dates, times, genres and other metadata, and of course images.

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Thanks guys. I question why download the pictures/thumbnails. As tablo is an internet required device, just link to them. Everything else is text data and I can’t imagine it’s that much data compared to databases for other applications I’ve worked with. I’m guessing the processing constraint is on the hardware side for that data…

In addition to linking images, maybe offload some of the guide to being hosted in the cloud as well…

Linking images and data is a bad idea, IMO. Then every device that needs to show the guide needs to fetch it every time. Or cache it. Let the Tablo cache it once and be done with it. Also, what if your Internet connection goes down? Should the Tablo stop working?


Pareto principle. I’m going to assume the vast majority of people are like me and my friends, only looking at the TV guide for programming within 2 hours. If I want a show that is further in advance I’d search for it with the show name.

Only cache 100% of the programming (images, metadata ) shows that fall in that ~2 hour window. I get that for DVR, you’d want to schedule 2 weeks+. Only worry about show name, channel and time to handle loss of internet for DVR. The rest just reference from the web.

I still don’t understand why you think it’s better to have to fetch the data multiple times, from multiple devices, rather than once and cache it on the Tablo. Yes, it’s a slow fetch the first time it does it after changing your channel list. After that, not so much.

LOL! Reminds me of the main-framers that managed the batch jobs at an old gig.

People want TV to be easy and quick.

Connecting via a client (browser,roku,fireTV) and pulling the programming guide is also slow (syncing). Plex is the only client that connects fast and that’s because its making API calls for targeted data. The plex client was written by a 3rd party. It’s like Tablo in general just treats this stuff as one big query or update.

No, I just have lots of experience dealing with local (home) networks with limited, slow, and expensive Internet connections. I much prefer a one-time background fetch and cache policy. YMMV.

I imagined Tablo’s target demographic as having good internet availability and mobile devices. That was my decision behind buying a Tablo. Nice looking mobile interface, not fixed into a TV, able to stream to any device that has network access, even over the internet.

I thought Tablo was going for a demographic with a bit more internet maturity than let’s say a channelvision type demographic that wants it fixed straight into the TV and not worry about network.

I have 250MB and it takes over 40 minutes to update channel guide after resync of channels. You need to fix this to sync most recent schedules before you do a full channel guide update. It have channels still not showing up after 40 minutes. You schedules also do not update properly after a channel sync is done. Honestly thinking about returning this device.

@carlos - Sorry to hear you’re having issues with sync. Can you pop us a note so we can investigate this for you? http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new