4 Tuner Out of Stock Everywhere

I can’t seem to find a 4 tuner Tablo available for purchase anywhere. Amazon, Best Buy and NewEgg are all out of stock… Any idea when these will come back in stock?? This is all that’s holding me back from cutting off DirecTV… They’re costing me WAY to much…



Hey @rstieb Should have some more stock in soon.

Keep an eye out on social media for more details.

If you’re dying to get started ASAP, there are lovingly refurbished Tablos for sale via Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00MXUDD0O/ref=olp_twister_child?ie=UTF8&mv_style_name=0

Make sure to pick ones that come directly from us if you do!

Thanks for the quick reply… Not to pin you down, but is “soon”, the next few days, weeks or months?? Just trying to get an expectation… :slight_smile:

Definitely in the weeks range. I would provide a specific date but a lot depends on how quickly they filter through our various logistics partners and into the warehouses of our retail partners.

Awesome… Thanks so much for your quick reply…

No problem! Our factory guys are crankin’ 'em out so hopefully you’ll have a Tablo in your hot little hands soon.

One last question… On the refurbished models… Is there any difference in the hardware between those and the new ones you’re waiting on? CPU upgrades, etc.???

@rstieb - No, should be all the same.

Awesome. Thanks for all your help. Just ordered a refurbished off of amazon…

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Are all retailers out of stock because you are going to stop selling the current model of the 4-tuner and either offer a 6 or more tuner or upgrade the 4-tuner in some way?


Nope - Tablo has just been selling like hotcakes and we didn’t make quite enough to meet demand during our last build.

Our factory is ramped up and we should have more 2 and 4 tuner units available soon.

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I just purchased a refurbed 4-tuner from Tablo’s Amazon store. Unit came quickly and works fine. I was a decade long TiVo user and got sick of being dumped on for my loyalty, so I was desperate to find a Tablo and jump ship. Very glad I did. (p.s. “Newer” Seagate Expansion Drive works with no problems.) Just looked and it seems at least 1 more refurbed unit is still available?

Guess I got lucky. I bought my 4 tuner box on Amazon less than two weeks ago. It was in stock then.

You must have bought the one I was about to buy! I was still making my decision to dump TiVo and waited too long! I am very happy with the refurbed unit though. No issues and it is running great!

I think I got mine just in time! Glad I got it before you ran out.

Bought a new house and thought it’d be the perfect time to try cutting the cord. Bought a mohu antenna, roku 3, got a slingtv sub, bought a 1TB hard drive, and CAN’T FIND A 4-TUNER TABLO ANYWHERE! :slightly_smiling:

Even the refurbs are gone now. I’m very impatient!

Got my refurbished one in last week. It’s been working great… Just called and cancelled DirecTv. BEST call EVER!!!


Is there any updated timeframe on when these new units will be available?


@Foltztown - Sorry, but I don’t have a specific ETA available. Once they get into the logistics systems of our retail partners we don’t have a lot of control/visibility of when they’ll be shown as ‘in stock’.

Amazon will have both Tablo Quad and Dual models available on March 20, 2016.
You can preorder them now. :slightly_smiling: